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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 351

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Chapter 351

“Watch out! On your left!” Diana screamed without much thought. “On your left!”

She repeated it twice in quick succession, her voice hoarse as if she was losing strength.

However, Julian simply smiled at her and said, “Don’t worry. I saw it coming.”

As he said that, he quickly pulled his shirt and twisted it to block Luke’s iron pole and dagger.

It was a false alarm.

Diana felt all strength leaving her legs and was about to slump to the ground when she saw another
iron bar coming down on Julian’s back that was also aimed at his head.

A diversion!

Luke had planned to attack from the other side while Julian was distracted.

But currently, Julian was dealing with Luke. If Diana were to call out, someone would definitely attack
from another side again.

Without much time to think about it, Diana surged upward on her tiptoes and wrapped her arm around
Julian’s head.


The whole world suddenly seemed to come to a stand still.

Diana couldn’t feel anything but pain throughout her body, and she felt like her arm had swelled up
immediately after the blow. Then, she heard Julian scream.


And then…what happened after that?

Oh, right… Julian was still screaming.

“Blood! Oh my god! There’s blood…!”

Diana had never heard or seen him so panicked. Even when the men around them started closing in
on him again, he didn’t even notice and kept shouting, “B–Blood!”

What a silly man.

There was no blood on her hands.

It just hurt. A lot.

Diana reached out to touch his head and said, “I already knew you were bleeding from your head, so
this time…you can’t afford to bleed anymore.

If he was hit on the head one more time, Julian would probably lose his life.

Their babies couldn’t be fatherless.

But…she couldn’t move.

The pain in her arms spread to her shoulders, her lower back, and finally….

Her abdomen.

She turned pale and slowly followed Julian’s line of sight, gradually lowering her head to find…

Blood flowing down her legs.

Strange. It was her arm that was clearly injured, so why…?

Why did her stomach hurt so much? Why was there blood flowing down her leg and pooling on the

Diana couldn’t stand the sight, and fell heavily into Julian’s arms.

Julian caught her, and the two sat on the ground, paralyzed. It was as if nothing around them existed
anymore, and only their reddened eyes and pale faces stood out in the rain.

Diana’s stomach still hurt, as if someone had stuck their hand inside and was stirring up her organs


Blood flowed down her legs non–stop.

Diana clenched both fists tightly as she tried to speak, and finally whispered weakly, “J–Julian…
Save…save our…big star and little star… Save them…!”

Before she could say anything else, she passed out.

“It’s Aster! Aster! Why would you get their names wrong?” Julian cried as he slapped her face, hoping
to wake her up. Tears welled up in his red eyes. “Diana! I promise you I won’t call them big star and
little star anymore! You can’t call Aster that, either! Wake up! Come on! Aster sounds so much better
than big star, okay? You were right! The babies will definitely be happy!”

Luke stood at the side, not understanding what was happening. He only knew that the metallic smell of
blood was growing stronger every passing second.

After a moment, he shoved his way through the men who were rooted to the spot and unsure of what to
do, clearly with the intention to kill Julian.

Luke was pissed, especially since Diana had agitated him. That, and he was even more disgusted at
the sight

of Julian.

He was no longer satisfied with just crippling the man.

He wanted Julian dead!


Why did Julian’s eyes look so terrifying?

Luke subconsciously shivered when Julian’s eyes landed on him.

“It’s kinda cold, ain’t it?” Luke muttered, trying to justify his trembling. Before he could react, Julian
grabbed him violently by the neck.

With one arm cradling Diana, Julian’s other hand held Luke’s neck with a death grip.

“Did you know…this is where your main artery is?”

No one had seen Julian’s movements, and everyone had witnessed firsthand what a werewolf could be
like if they existed. Julian’s hand suddenly looked like sharp claws that could easily slit Luke’s throat
with a single swipe.

“Tell them to get lost!” Julian hissed, the pressure radiating from him even more somber and furious
than the black clouds hanging above them. “Get them all to leave!”

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