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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 350

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Chapter 350

Luke pulled back with the dagger in hand and ordered his minions, “Beat him hard! Hit him as hard as
you can! Make sure he ends up even more crippled than an old man!”

Then, he looked at Diana and said, “Come with me! If you do, he’ll live.”

At this point, Luke had lowered his guard. However, Julian was already in a miserable situation as
countless blows rained on him repeatedly.

No matter how capable Julian was, it was impossible for him to beat so many people, especially when
he was forced to be completely passive.

The sound of the rain beating down and the sounds of flesh hitting flesh felt like rocks hammering on
the hearts of people listening.

Just then, one of the men even picked up a brick and smashed Julian’s leg.

Julian wanted to run to Diana, but too many hands held him down. There was nothing he could do but

down and take the hits.

One hit.

Two hits.

Three hits.

It went on and on; Julian screwed his eyes shut at the pain that burst continuously through his body.

His leg was bent at an awkward angle, and there was blood rushing down his pants.

He was in a sorry state indeed..

Diana turned to peek at him a few times, and her grip on the umbrella tightened so much that her
knuckles went white. Her face was ghostly pale from the pain of watching Julian get beaten up

Gritting her teeth, Diana took advantage of Luke’s lack of attention to suddenly close her umbrella and
rush toward Julian.

Regardless of how many men were there or whether they were humane or not, she swung the umbrella
around desperately with all her strength.

Please, let it become a weapon that would protect her and Julian!

Diana’s recklessness was so unexpected that the men around them were shocked and stopped, which
gave Julian time to catch his breath.

“Diana!” Julian yelled, pushing her behind him and grabbing the umbrella as he brandished it like a
sword. You did well.”

He was in the mood to pamper her even in such a situation. “Stay behind me. Don’t move.”


While speaking, he undid the cuffs on his shirt and even threw his suit jacket onto the ground.

The chilling aura radiating from him was almost too dignified for a man on the ground just moments

Except for Diana, who was breathing heavily and trembling all over, the rest of the men felt like they
were faced with an adversary that towered over them. Just a look from Julian forced them rooted to the
spot and not daring to breathe.

They slowly circled Julian and Diana, their movements cautious.

“That damn woman! How dare she make a fool of me! What are you waiting for?! Get them!” Luke
screamed, utterly unimpressed by how the men were acting. “Julian’s already several injured, and he
has a woman behind him! Are you all still afraid even in the state he’s in?! I told you guys that if you get
rid of Julian, Richburgh will become my family’s turf, and I’ll be in high demand again! That means
you’ll get your glory too! So, get them! Get on with it!”

Julian’s eyes swept across everyone before him, his gaze clear and as sharp as a wolf.

Ever since he had Diana at his back, it felt as if a new surge of energy had been injected into him. All
he could think was that he couldn’t fall. Not with him needing to protect the precious woman behind

Could feel strength coursing through his veins at the beginning of this fight.

But at that moment, Luke had another trick up his sleeve.

While Julian was busy dealing with the men surrounding him, Luke picked up an iron bar and tied the
knife to it. This way, he wouldn’t need to get close to Julian to sneak an attack. Why, he could even…

Possibly kill Julian directly!

As Julian focused on fending off the surrounding men, he couldn’t take care of the dangers from all


However, Diana saw the glint in Luke’s eyes that clearly indicated he was willing to do almost anything
to kill Julian.

She also saw the iron bar in his hand, and how he was slowly closing the distance between him and

She tried to intercept it, but underestimated Luke’s strength and failed.

She watched as the knife seemed to aim for Julian’s head.

If Luke exerted more force and brought the blade down, Julian would…! Julian’s Stand-In Wife By
South Wind Dialect Chapter 350Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 350

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