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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 349

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Chapter 349

Julian was surrounded by many men. Though they weren’t very strong, there were a lot of them. He
was also trapped in the most remote alley of the place, which was obviously planned.

More importantly, these random punks must have taken a lot of effort to plan for this.

After Julian took out one man, another would take his place. Julian’s enemies were using numbers to
overpower him, and it was working as it constantly drained his strength.

It had been difficult for them to get close to Julian as he could still parry all the blows, but he was slowly
getting overwhelmed as his strength lessened, and his own attacks had less power in them as time

Especially now that Diana was getting closer, what with Luke watching her with hungry eyes. For a
moment, Julian got distracted, and a heavy blow landed on his head.

The rain continued to pour down on them. Julian’s ears buzzed from the blow, but he shook his head

and his eyes cleared.

“Come at me, Luke,” Julian said with a calm voice, and he even had time to call out to Diana, “Go back
to the


He couldn’t let her get hurt.

Diana knew she would be no help. Although she had screamed at the crowd, no one came to help. She
was panicking inwardly. She knew at once that Julian had shouted at her to not approach him because
he had noticed the strangeness of the situation.

And yet, Julian’s head… There was blood running down his face, and it was an alarming sight as it bled
into his previously pristine white shirt.

Logically, Diana knew she should turn around and return to the car. She should avoid this alley and
head back into the crowd, then lock the doors and windows so she would be safe. However, her legs
were rooted to the ground, and she couldn’t move.

“Julian…” Diana whimpered, her face filled with worry.

Julian smiled at her, even in the dire situation he was in. “It’ll be fine.”

Though he said so, the bat came down hard on his shoulder in the next second.

He staggered from the unavoidable blow, and the men around him saw this moment to pounce all at

On the other hand, Luke spun the dagger in his hand lazily before raising it high above Julian’s head,
acting like it was a guillotine. The dagger would go right down on Julian’s head if he let go!

Diana tensed as she watched Julian struggle to fight the men around him.

He wasn’t a god. No matter how good he was at fighting, he couldn’t fight back against such odds.

Julian was already in a wretched situation, and Diana got more anxious as she watched.

Luke could tell what she felt from the expression on her face, and he deliberately waved the dagger
repeatedly, making it seem like it would drop at any moment.

With a wicked smile, Luke asked, “Do you want to save him?”

It turned out that the scumbag hadn’t touched her because he was confident that Diana would come to
him on her own initiative.

Diana knew she had fallen into a trap.

However, there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn’t just leave Julian in this situation, much
less turn around and walk away.

“What do you want?” Diana asked, trying to bargain with Luke.

“Diana, go back!” Julian shouted.

He was disgusted by the sight of Luke. He hated the fact that he hadn’t dealt with the root of the
problem back then, and that the one and only time he had shown mercy had come to bite him in the

Diana dearly wanted to obey Julian’s words, but the knife Luke had in his hand was too near to Julian’s

for comfort.

Julian didn’t even have the strength to hit Luke. He was overwhelmed by the men around him.

Diana looked in the direction they were in and slowly moved toward them. Ignoring Julian’s words, she
asked warily, “Tell me what you want, Luke.”

“Hah…” Luke looked at Diana and swiped his tongue across his teeth. “That woman was right in every
calculation she made! She let me get my revenge on Julian, but I guess there was one thing she made

mistake on…”

Diana was indeed sincere toward Julian. She didn’t intend to save her own life in this situation, as
Kayla had predicted.

Still, that was all the more convenient for Luke…

And far more interesting!

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