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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 348

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Chapter 348

“No matter how big a disaster or how powerful a person, they definitely wouldn’t be able to take Mr.

Fulcher’s life,” John added.

Diana also knew that; she probably was worried for nothing.

After all, Julian was not an ordinary man.

“Yeah, okay. Go and take a look. Be careful!”

John walked away quickly, and Diana sat alone in the car. As she sat there, she recalled the figure
John had

pointed out. Even though they had different clothes, the man’s back and stature were si

She looked up again, but the man was already gone.

to Julian’s.

She wanted to take a closer look, so she rolled down the window further and leaned out. Almost half
her body was outside before she finally spotted the figure again.

He wasn’t wearing the clothes he had left the house in this morning, but it was indeed Julian.

It turned out that she had been wrong. Diana stuck her tongue out and waved at him happily, wanting
him to come over quickly.

The rain had receded, and it was much lighter at this moment. There were many people already on the
streets despite the still gloomy skies. It was better for them to return to the villa quickly in case the
weather took a turn for the worse.

It was clear that Julian saw her; he stared at her for a while, but he didn’t look like he had any intention
of coming her way.

It had already been an hour since she called him, so why was he not hurrying over?

Diana continued waving at him, but Julian moved further away instead of approaching her.

What was going on?

Suspicion welled up in Diana’s heart. She was about to ask John to go to Julian, but then recalled that
the driver had gone out to check on the accident at the intersection and wasn’t back yet.

There was an umbrella in the car; it wasn’t that far to get to Julian, so Diana opened the door and
exited the car. She realized that although Julian wasn’t far away, he wasn’t standing on the street’s
main parts, which was probably why she hadn’t noticed him before.

“Julian!” Diana called out as she walked slowly, not daring to walk too fast in case she fell from the
slippery ground. She leaned against the wall to support herself.

She hoped Julian would come to her, now that she had called out to him.

It had been an hour, and the two were so close, but they hadn’t met. He hadn’t answered his phone, so
she wanted to hurry up and meet him to ask what was going on.

“Don’t come here!” Julian shouted anxiously when he heard her call out to him. “Don’t come any
closer!” His voice was urgent, and there was even a hint of fear underneath it.

Diana’s heart started pounding wildly in her chest.

Julian wasn’t an ordinary man. To have shouted so loudly at her like that must mean that something
even he had not anticipated had happened. She was carrying their children, and she couldn’t be a
burden to him.

Thinking of this, Diana began to back up quickly toward the car. However, a burst of sinister laughter
rang out from behind her right at that moment..

“Oh, that won’t do! Where are you going, Diana?”

Diana turned around in horror.


Why was he here?!

Also… There were so many scars on his face, making him look extraordinarily terrifying. His right
sleeve was empty, and it looked like he really had become disabled.

Luke’s eyes flashed viciously, and there was a dark look on his face.

“Julian!” Diana screamed without thought, retreating from Luke as she obviously didn’t want to have
any contact with him.

Luke didn’t show any annoyance at her actions, nor have any intentions of touching her.

Instead, he darted away from her toward Julian’s direction.

In his left hand, he held a knife that glinted brightly.

Diana’s eyes twitched violently; her heart felt like it was about to burst out from her throat.

Without thinking too much, she screamed at the crowd, “Help! Someone’s trying to commit murder!”

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