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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 346

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Chapter 346


Noel wasn’t even wearing a raincoat as he arranged for maintenance outside.

“It’s raining too heavily, and more than six manhole covers are missing. That’s not the only problem.
The covers on this entire road are loose, and someone may fall in if they don’t pay attention. Even our
car might drive right into one, especially with how bad vision is now.”

r. Even

The rain was heavy, and the weather was poor. Even with money and power, it was difficult to find a

number of workers on such short notice.

What’s more, this was clearly a security issue.

It would be more troublesome if a worker were to have an accident during this period.

“Is there still no signal?” Julian asked.

Noel’s face looked like it was going to turn deformed under the heavy rain, and he raised his hand to
wipe away the water multiple times before he could speak clearly, “No.”

The nearby signal source seemed to have been cut off from them, and it was difficult to contact
anyone. It was probably the same the other way around.

That was how he and Noel were stuck on the road.


“Diana’s already gotten off work,” Julian muttered. He had promised he would pick her up.

Based on her character, she would contact him if she didn’t see him after he promised something; if
she couldn’t reach him, she would get flustered.

Especially because she had been a little restless in the past few days.

Besides, the weather today was terrible.

Julian looked up, glancing at the water pouring down on them like curtains of beads. He was shocked
to find that it seemed to be getting heavier instead of getting lighter, as he had thought earlier.

The dark cloudy sky above made a depressing image.

Julian gripped his tie and pulled it violently, throwing it aside in irritation as he said to Noel, “I’ll walk on
my own. Return to the company and take those two workers with you. Go back and stay safe.”

Noel was reluctant. “Sir… These incidents don’t seem like simple coincidences. You can’t leave on
your own.”

Julian obviously understood. Accidents like this wouldn’t happen on Scenery Street as it was an area
under his territory, after all. He had made a lot of effort and invested a lot of capital to maintain it.

But today, so many covers had gone missing and loose; even the signal source had been cut off. The
heavy rain definitely wasn’t the reason for all these things.

“I’ll be fine,” Julian said, already stepping into the heavy downpour. “Head back to the company and
contact the communications and engineering department. Solve the problem. I’ll be back soon.”

Noel was still unwilling to do so and shouted, “Sir! Is ma’am that important? Perhaps she has already

returned to the villa. Why take a big risk to get out of here like this? What if there’s an ambush waiting
for you? What-”

“What if she hasn’t?” Julian answered simply. He turned around and gave Noel a firm look. “You don’t
understand. Even if it’s just a ten in one thousand chance that she’s worried about me, I need to go to
her and stand before her and show her that I’m fine and unscathed so she won’t worry anymore.”

Julian wouldn’t let himself cause any anxiety to Diana.

What was more, there was no way to put up a warning sign on this road now. Julian didn’t dare to
imagine the consequences if Diana was really on the way to Fulcher Inc. and got stuck on this road.

As such, he needed to find her first.

He didn’t look back and said loudly to Noel, “Don’t worry.”

Julian knew enough self–defense to protect himself. Even if there were gangsters on the street waiting
for him, it would be fine.

More importantly, he needed to see his wife.

There was no way he was going to wait here and risk Diana’s life on the street.

Noel wanted to follow him, but it was equally important to solve the issue they were facing right now.
They couldn’t afford to have any accidents on this road that was under Julian’s care. Otherwise, public
opinion would tear Fulcher Inc. apart and cause heavy losses once the rain passed.

That was the reason Julian had asked Noel to return to the company and settle the issue.

So, there was nothing Noel could do as he watched Julian venture out in the heavy rain and walk
further away from him.

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