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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 345

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Chapter 345

Diana had been suffering from diarrhea for the past few days. Still, it had been mild, and she had
gotten better after she went to the bathroom when it happened.

Perhaps because she was in a depressed mood today, but she could still feel her stomach hurting after
going to the toilet.

She hunched over her workstation slightly and got herself a few cups of hot water in attempts to soothe
her stomach. After about an hour, she gradually felt better.

However, the rain outside continued to pour.

When the time came for her to clock off, there was still no contact from Julian. Diana was afraid he
would come without warning, so she called him. Yet, no one answered.

Since he had mentioned he would pick her up from work, it meant that his meeting wasn’t going to last
the entire day. Julian had always been strict when it came to work arrangements, so it was strange that
Diana couldn’t contact him at this time.

Diana grew more flustered and tried contacting Noel, but no one picked up either.

Thunder rumbled loudly outside. The rain didn’t cease, and the rumbling grew louder. Lighting flashed
from time to time, and the company even issued a notice for employees to leave work half an hour
earlier for

safety purposes.

Everyone was afraid that this thunderstorm would start a natural disaster.

Julian was very caring, and he would usually be easy to contact when a situation like this arose; and
yet, Diana couldn’t get to him at all. She clenched her fist so tightly that she almost crushed the cup in
her hand, and her eyelids twitched violently.

Everything seemed like a sign that something big was about to happen today.

Diana couldn’t bear it anymore and rushed out of the company, looking for the driver who was waiting


“Let’s go to Fulcher Inc.,” Diana said, surprising the driver.

“It’s raining so heavily, ma’am. Shouldn’t we head home instead?”

“No,” Diana said, glancing at the dark rolling clouds outside. “The rain seems to be receding after the
lightning strikes.”

She noted the concern on the driver’s face and said, “Drive slowly, okay? We don’t have to rush, but I
have to see Julian.”

Diana had to go to Fulcher Inc. and find out why she couldn’t reach Julian. If she couldn’t ensure his
safety, she would definitely be more anxious when she got home. She would still insist on heading out
again to the company to check on him.

The driver was hesitant. “But… Are you okay, ma’am? Do you feel any discomfort?”

Diana shook her head. “I’m fine.”

Her stomach had hurt earlier, but it might have had something to do with the sandwich she had eaten
for lunch this afternoon. Anyway, that wasn’t important right now. Her priority right now was to confirm

Julian’s safety. She couldn’t stop the twitching of her eyelid, and even her hands were shaking.

As the driver made way toward Fulcher Inc., Diana kept trying to call Julian and Noel. Despite her
efforts, none of them answered her.

Scenery Street was the street next to Fulcher Inc. When Fulcher Inc. was in its early development
stages, there were many potholes and ditches on this road. Julian had donated a lot of money in the
name of his company to do extensive repairs and maintenance on it, and from then on, it was named
Scenery Street.

Every project back then had been under his personal supervision, and there was also a special
department for screening and accepting projects. Due to that, it was unlikely that several manhole
covers would suddenly go missing. Even five or six hours of continuous rainstorms wouldn’t be able to
affect the road.

So when Julian saw the rushing pools of water gathering on the road and slowly rising, he seethed in

Noel?” How long will it take to repair the manhole cover in front of us,

Too many covers were missing; at this point, the road was completely impassable by car.

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