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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 344

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Chapter 344

[Okay.] Diana replied to Fanny. [Don’t worry, I’ll definitely send a design you’ll be satisfied with in the
next round!]

Diana had confidence in her design enough to say those words to Fanny. The latter also replied with a
rare emoji saying ‘good luck‘, which was considered approval from the cold goddess.

Diana instantly felt motivated, and even the gloomy weather outside couldn’t affect her. It didn’t occur to
her until noon that Julian wouldn’t be having lunch with her today in the car.

She turned around to invite Jayden to eat with her, but noticed that all her colleagues were gone.

Perhaps they had all gone to lunch?

Diana had just been a little slow, then. Shaking her head in frustration, she planned to order takeaway,
only to discover that many riders had stopped taking orders due to the heavy rain.

She got up and went to the meeting room to look around, only to find that many of her colleagues had
come prepared with packed lunches today and were nestled in the room to heat up their food in the
microwave. Jayden was among them.

Diana wanted to greet him, but he seemed intent on his food and didn’t look up. Not wanting to
embarrass herself, she quietly closed the door and returned to her workstation.

As soon as she left, Jayden sent a message to Kayla. [She came to work today, but she didn’t go out to
eat with Mr. Fulcher. She’s now alone at the company.]

With that message, Kayla understood instantly that Julian’s meeting hadn’t been postponed. She got
up and walked to the window sill and looked at the storm brewing outside, and her smile widened.

“Thank you, God! Even you’re on my side!”

She sent a message to Luke. [Get ready to head out!]

Luke sent her a thumbs–up emoji, obviously already ready.

Since the takeaway riders weren’t taking orders and Julian was busy, Diana went to the convenience
store downstairs to buy some sandwiches. Only when she got to the ground floor did she realize it was
raining so


She hurriedly pulled out her phone and sent a message to Julian. [The rain’s very heavy today. Don’t
pick me up today. I can head back with the driver myself.]

Julian didn’t reply.

Having gotten used to him not replying to her message from the last incident, she was now not that
bothered when it happened. It was hard to say… Perhaps he would appear in the parking lot
downstairs soon and smile at her and say, ‘You little idiot. Turn around‘, and she would indeed turn to
see the man behind her.

She told Nina about this, and Nina told her it was a sense of security that he gave her. She and Julian
had experienced so much; now they had passed the stage of worrying about gains and losses, their
relationship was now in a stable stage.

[Oh, how envious!] Nina replied with a string of emojis, filling Diana’s heart with warmth.

Yes, it did feel great.

Being able to reestablish trust and dependence toward Julian only served to make her love for him
blossom further. Having someone to rely on, and with her career taking off well in the company, made
Diana feel that life was great like never before.

When it was time to get off work in the afternoon, however, Diana still hadn’t received any news from

Besides, the rain outside was also getting heavier by the minute. Even sitting in her workstation that
was away from the window, she could feel the pounding of the rain against the window.

The rain beat down on the glass, liquid sliding down the surface quickly, and her heart felt uneasy.
Even her stomach started to hurt.

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