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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 342

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Chapter 342

All ten sets were matching couple sets.

“We’ll have plenty of matching sets with our children in the future too,” Julian said as he gently guided
Diana upstairs since she was rooted to the spot.

“Come on, hurry up. You should start getting used to it from now on.”

Diana felt it was weird to wear pajamas and have dinner, but she couldn’t deny him and changed into
the set

he handed her.

The two walked down the stairs in matching light blue pajamas, which Mr. Carter praised, “You two

look like a match made in heaven.”

His words were definitely sincere, but he was only referring to their appearance. In his honest opinion,
Diana had stolen Kayla’s face. At the end of the day, Kayla was the one who suited Julian and not

Thinking about Kayla’s promise that she would return as mistress of the household here soon, he
brought out the dishes for dinner and asked, “Will you be eating now, sir, ma’am?”

“Yes,” Julian replied. “But why have we been using the same dining sets lately?”

Mr. Carter’s hand trembled slightly at the question. Diana thought Julian was being too fierce and had
scared the old man, so she quickly nudged Julian.

“Don’t be like that. Be nice.”

Julian was obedient, softening his voice and expression before saying, “Switch it up next time.”

He recalled that Diana liked to use different kinds of tableware, and had said it was somewhat of a
ritual in

life. When she wasn’t working back then, she used to pay a lot of attention to what kind of dishes would

match what tableware.

The servants who used to work in the mansion were also aware of her habits.

“It seems the servants here still need some training on our dining and living habits,” Julian said in a less

cold tone. “Take note of that, Mr. Carter.”

The old man immediately agreed and nodded. “Yes, sir, of course.”

Julian never said such things when Kayla was around. He always ensured not to embarrass Mr. Carter.
However, with Diana around, the old man was always getting scolded.

It was inevitable that Mr. Carter would once again place the blame on Diana, and he even increased
the dosage of the medicine he placed in Diana’s food.

However, Diana remained unaffected throughout the night, which meant she hadn’t gotten diarrhea at
all. Mr. Carter thought that Kayla was such a kind woman. Where did she get the medicine from? Its
efficiency was low. What was the point?

Mr. Carter glanced at the time, then resolutely got up to the pharmacy to get a new batch of laxatives.

From then on, he smeared Diana’s bowl with pure laxatives. He didn’t dare use large doses, and stuck
to the

small amount he used to put in.

Diana felt the effects of the laxatives keenly, and the number of trips to the bathroom increased
recently. She checked online, and it said she was fine as long as there was no blood.

But since then, she paid more attention to what she ate and tried not to eat any outside food, and only
ate clean ready–made meals from the Fulcher mansion. It was to the point that Julian would especially
ask the chefs at home to prepare food, and he would take it to her for lunch and eat it together with her
in the car in the parking lot.

Jayden saw this happen a few times.

One day, Jayden couldn’t take it anymore and took a photo of them eating together and sent it to Kayla.

“Miss Kayla, you need to come back quickly! This kind of loose woman doesn’t deserve to stay in our

After receiving the message, Kayla enlarged the photo and stared at it for a long time. The way Diana
and Julian looked at each other and smiled happily was like a knife stabbing into her heart repeatedly.

Tomorrow was September fourteenth.

Kayla shed a tear as she lay on the hospital bed, and switched off her phone.

She hoped Julian wouldn’t blame her if he really became crippled as she wished. Kayla was only going
to do this because she wanted to be together with him, and was willing to care for him for the rest of his

Kayla was sure Diana would leave Julian the first chance she got!

When that happened, Julian would see clearly just which of them was genuine and which was fake!

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