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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 343

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Chapter 343

Early on September fourteenth, Diana woke up with an extremely stuffy feeling in her chest. She
looked out the window, and sure enough, the sky was dark and gloomy.

“It’s typical autumn weather,” Diana said as she reminded Julian to wear a thicker coat. “It feels like it’s
going to be a heavy rain today.”

The clouds were gray and thick in the sky, and there were layers and layers of it, looking as if they were
going to fall right down on the people below.

“Yeah,” Julian agreed and brought her a thicker coat. “I have a meeting today, so I can’t send you this

morning. I’ll get the driver to send you, but I’ll still see you this afternoon. If you’re not dressed warmly,
I’ll beat you, okay?”

Diana knew exactly where he implied he would beat her, and suddenly felt a phantom pain on her
behind as she said obediently, “Okay.”

After saying that, she seemed to realize something and added, “We’ll be parents soon enough, and you
can’t always do that anymore.”

Julian raised an eyebrow. “Always do what?”

Diana’s voice turned meek and quiet. “…Spank my butt…”

That was what adults did to punish children; she wasn’t a child! She was going to be a mother of two
children, for crying out loud!

“Sure,” Julian readily agreed. He knelt and placed his ear on Diana’s stomach, and said, “Listen up, my
big and small star. Daddy will never hit Mommy again, so be good and let Mommy eat and dress
properly, okay? I’ll pick you all up after work.”

Diana saw the funny image he made as he talked seriously to her stomach, and she couldn’t help but
poke his head. “How many times must I say it? Our eldest child is called Aster, not big star! Also, you
always talk to them, but it’s not like they can hear you before the third month, you know?”

“Why would that matter?” Julian asked as he straightened up, his taller statue dwarfing hers completely
in his shadow. “Perhaps my children will be different.”

Besides, calling the child a big star sounded nice. It was a strong and healthy name!

He now wished for Diana and the children to be safe and healthy. As for their name and gender… It
didn’t matter at this moment. He would do his best to protect them.

He had the confidence to do it.

Seeing how stubborn he was, Diana didn’t argue with him. “Okay, enough. Let’s go to work.”

Diana rubbed her stomach and said, “Bye, honey.”

Then she deliberately pitched her voice higher and said childishly, “Bye, Daddy!”

Although the morning was dark and gloomy, they were in an upbeat mood. Julian and Diana hoped this
mundane, peaceful life would continue indefinitely.

When the little lives in her stomach were born, she would definitely have more happiness and joy.

They were looking forward to having a fulfilling life for a family of four.

Because of the love and anticipation in her heart, it seemed no one could bring down her mood. She
watched her husband’s retreating back as he gradually moved away and felt like he was a balm to her
soul, like magic that could always bring her emotional stability and comfort.

Diana waited for his car to drive out of the villa gate before she got into the other car and went to work.

Fanny had emailed Diana today, letting the latter know that she was delighted with the design and had
commissioned professionals to start work on it. She also reminded Diana to deliver the next design
based on the agreed schedule.

Everyone knew Fanny had a critical eye for choosing clothes and was notoriously difficult to deal with.

Diana hadn’t expected to pass after only one round of inspection. She thought Fanny must have
rejected her design after not hearing back from the woman several days after sending her design. As it
turned out, Fanny had simply been busy hiring professionals to make the clothes.

That saved Diana some time.

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