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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 341

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Chapter 341

Julian was frozen on the spot.

He had never been teased by a woman like this in his whole life!

Damn it!

If she wasn’t pregnant…she would be in danger right now!

The signs in his eyes were obvious, and Diana flushed like a tomato before she hurriedly opened the
door to let the air in and said, “I’ve got to go back to work.”

Waving at him, she said, “Bye!”

Julian hadn’t spent enough time with her yet, but when he saw how she ran away like a bunny running
from a predator without a word, he called out, “Woman, I’ll wait for you tonight!”

Instantly, the eyes of the surrounding people were directed at him.

Diana was about to die of embarrassment, but the smile in her eyes continued to sparkle brightly.
When she arrived back at the office, Jayden could practically feel the joyful air around her, and his
heart gradually fell.

Diana must’ve gone to see Julian, who was her sister’s man.

Then… What was Diana? She seemed to be just a loose woman.

The appreciation for beauty in his eyes was immediately replaced by ridicule and contempt. When it
was time for the afternoon meeting, Diana tried communicating with him several times, but he reverted
to when he had coldly ignored her.

Diana thought it to be strange.

She glanced at Jayden several times, and felt like all her hard work in building a relationship with her
colleagues had suddenly returned to its original point.

Did Kayla say something to them?

Diana wondered what Kayla was planning, now that it had been quiet for a while.

She was distracted the entire afternoon because of Jayden’s attitude, and the more she thought about
it, the more she thought it might have something to do with Kayla. So, after work, she decided to meet
her at the hospital.

Unexpectedly, Kayla refused to see her.

Diana stood at the hospital’s entrance and asked Noel, “She doesn’t want to see Julian or me?”

“Yes. Even though she doesn’t have any suicidal tendencies, she seemed to be depressed recently.
She hasn’t even touched her phone. It’s been in the drawer, and there have been no call records,” Noel

Had Diana really been overthinking this?

Giving Noel an embarrassed smile, she said, “Sorry to trouble you. Thanks for taking care of Kayla.”

Diana didn’t want anything to happen to Kayla. After all, would Julian really be firm on choosing Diana if

that happened?

That saving grace from Kayla… Diana was sure it wasn’t easy to let it go.

At this stage, Diana was unwilling to test their newly repaired bond. When she returned home, Julian
was already there.

But what was unusual was that the man was not in his suit and had changed into casual clothes.
Yesterday, he had been wearing a pair of navy blue pajamas, and today, he was wearing light blue.

If he had looked like a mysterious painting yesterday, today he looked like a sunshine boy.

“You’re very good–looking,” Diana lamented.

“Right back at you,” Julian replied without hesitation, obviously in a good mood as he pointed to the
bag on the sofa. “Go and change into that.”

Holding up a random part of his pajamas, he said, “It’s matching pajamas for couples.‘

Diana was surprised. “But we haven’t eaten dinner yet.”

Wearing pajamas so early in the night would inevitably get dirty before they went to sleep.

“We can change again before going to bed,” Julian said with a smile. “I bought ten sets.’

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