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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 340

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Chapter 340

“Light Food…” Julian repeated as he finished the soup. “That’s a good name.”

“I’ll bring you here again next time if you like it,” Diana said.

“No,” Julian said, looking up at her. “I want to drink the one you make.”

Just as Diana was about to agree, Julian continued, “But not now. Wait till you give birth and after your
confinement period. You just need to focus on your health first.”

He wouldn’t be willing to let her tough those pots and pans before that. Even if it was just soup and
there were servants to help her, he didn’t want Diana to be unnecessarily tired.

“I didn’t know I was that delicate,” Diana teased, but the warmth bubbled in her heart. “I used to be a


Julian froze at the reminder.


Seeing how he was giving her a pitiful puppy look again, Diana couldn’t help but laugh. “Okay, let’s not
talk about your dark past anymore, Mr. Fulcher.”

But Kayla… Was she really an existence that could be ignored if she wasn’t brought up?

Her heart clenched tightly at the thought, but at the look in Julian’s eyes, she pushed down the doubt.
Despite that, she was a little uncomfortable and asked, “Is Kayla doing okay? I haven’t heard anything
about her, and I’m afraid something happened…”

Diana was familiar with the woman’s antics, after all. Kayla was someone vicious who would even

her own throat…

Thus, it was only natural for Diana to still be worried.

“She’s fine,” Julian said with a smile. “Noel said she’s been in the hospital lately, eating and drinking


The suicide tendencies Julian had been worried about hadn’t surfaced at all.

“That’s good,” Diana said, slightly relieved. “I hope nothing will happen again.‘

“Are you feeling anxious again?”

“No,” Diana replied. After sleeping in the same room together last night, her anxiety had all but
disappeared. “Speaking of which, I’m sure your massage greatly contributed to it.”

Diana gave Julian a thumbs–up and continued, “Why don’t you sleep in my room again tonight?”

If Diana wasn’t with him now, Julian would’ve been jumping for joy at her suggestion. It was a little
embarrassing to do that in front of her, though, and he shifted a little so he could see what expression
was on his face to ensure he still looked cool and collected.

If he started jumping around in happiness and couldn’t contain his emotions, it may affect her affection
for him. Even though he was as excited as a galloping horse, he forced himself to remain calm and
said casually,


Despite that, the continuous twitching of his lips betrayed him.

Diana never expected a day when Julian had to fake his expressions. She sprawled on the table and

Julian was confused by her actions. “Why are you laughing?”

Was it because his cold and stern image was now useless?

Or were there crumbs on his face?

Julian raised his hand to check his face and looked at Diana in confusion, who only laughed louder at
his expression.


Julian remained as still as a statue, waiting for Diana to wipe off the non–existence food residue on his

Seeing how cute her husband was behaving, Diana couldn’t help but want to hide him away from the

Anyway, since he wanted her help, she would help him…

She bent down and pecked him on the lips. “Hmm… Yeah, that’s better than prawns.‘

She looked at Julian with rosy cheeks and said sweetly, “That’s my personal stamp of approval right

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