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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 339

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Chapter 339

Diana’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the affection in his voice. She felt like melting as Julian’s

smooth voice caressed her ears.

Leaning her head on his shoulder, she smiled and said softly, “I thought you meant to look back on this
next time. Besides, there were prawns in front of me! They looked delicious…”

“It seems prawns are more attractive than me, huh?” Julian said with a pout, and his brows furrowed.

Diana felt deeply guilty at the frown on his face.

“Have you eaten?” she asked from where she was still in his arms, not intending to let go any time

After their bonding session last night, the two had unknowingly returned to how they treated each other
in the past; in fact, they were even closer than before.

Diana didn’t think too much about her troubled past anymore. At this moment, she simply wanted to
enjoy this relationship.

She wanted to enjoy being loved.

It didn’t matter how much Julian cared about her or the children. It didn’t erase the fact that there were

obstacles between them right now, and they could live well together.

Good times should be cherished.

“No,” Julian replied, sounding even more pitiful. “You were laughing so happily with that man. How
could I disturb you? What if my wife scolds me and says that I don’t respect her job and profession

Diana giggled and poked his nose. “…Are you jealous?”

Julian snorted. “Do you think that guy could compare to me?”

My, what confidence!

Julian’s attitude was much better than before when he misunderstood her and Oliver’s relationship.

After going through so much, it seemed Julian did mature from the experiences.

There was no longer any blind mistrust or misunderstanding.

Diana felt her mood lift, and struggled to get out of his hold.

“Come on. I’ll take you for lunch.”

However, Julian refused to release her.

“I’ll hold you even if we’re going to lunch, so my waiting for the whole morning won’t be in vain.”

The whole morning?!

Diana was shocked. “You’ve been waiting for me in the parking lot the entire time?”

“Yeah,” Julian replied with a nod. “I’ve been here since you texted about missing me.”

Seeing the dazed look on Diana’s face, Julian found it adorable and repeated, “You should laugh when

happy and cry when you’re sad. If you miss me, just say it. You can do whatever you want.‘

Then, continuing on as if he was composing a reply to her text, he said, “I’ll be happy when I see you
smile, and I’ll be sad with you when I see your tears. I’ll appear before you if you say you miss me.”

Diana felt like her heart would burst from the sweetness the man was spewing.

“Is it…really okay?”

This endless feeling of being loved and cared for by another person and sharing everything they did

together, the feeling of getting acknowledged and responded to… Could these feelings really go on

“I won’t promise you anything so easily anymore,” Julian said honestly as he petted her head. “But I will
use my actions to tell you that I’m a man worthy of your love and that I love you.”


His solemn and grave expression amused Diana, and she lightly poked his nose again. “You’re full of
words today.”

“Are you happy that I talk so much in front of you?”

Diana smiled brightly. “Of course!”

The feeling of not needing to put up an act or pretend was great!

Julian ate more than usual for lunch that day, and Diana ordered two extra side dishes and even a bowl
of soup for him.

‘What’s the name of this place?” Julian asked after a few sips and praised it highly, “It tastes like the
one you

used to make.”

Diana was taken aback for a moment, thinking about how she had never cooked anything for the man
since he filed for divorce. She had even deliberately withheld food at one point, so she lowered her
head guiltily and said, “Light Food. That’s the name of this place.”

She had brought Julian to a cozy, plain little shop. No tall buildings were around them, and no crystal
ceilings were above them. It was a homey place that brought back the most nostalgic memories in a

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