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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 338

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Chapter 338

Julian stood behind Diana, seething in anger, watching as she only had eyes for the menu before her.

It was Jayden who saw him immediately after placing his order. “M–Mr. Ful-”

Julian scowled before smoothening his expression to its usual indifferent one and placing a finger to his
lips. “Shh.”

He was waiting right behind Diana to see when this woman would turn around.

When would she acknowledge him?!

“Prawns!” Diana exclaimed as a plate of freshly cooked prawns was placed in one of the containers,
which happened to be what she was craving for today. She immediately called out to the waiter and
said, “This one! I want a big plate!”

She hadn’t been able to keep meat down since she fell pregnant, but somehow, she craved prawns like
she never did before. It felt like she could eat the entire serving on her own!

After she had gotten her food, she went looking for Jayden.

“Come on, let’s find a seat.”

The restaurant was crowded, so it was a little difficult to find a seat. Jayden initially wanted to inform
Diana about Julian’s presence, but when he turned around, he didn’t see the man in question anymore.

Adding on the gesture of Julian shushing him and the relationship between Kayla, Diana, and Julian,
Jayden decided to do as instructed and kept mum.

Yes, that was probably the best thing to do.

The two finished their meal and made their way back to the company.

Just as Diana was walking upstairs, she received another message from Julian. It was a photo this

The man in the photo seemed to be curled up in the back seat of a car. His long legs seemed to have
no space, and even the angle of the photo was weird. It was aimed toward his nose, but it didn’t
change how handsome he looked in it. Moving upwards, his eyes were tired, and his hair was a little
messy. He looked a little unkempt. And the background of it…

Was the underground parking lot in Esteem Creations?

Diana blinked, wondering if she was seeing it wrongly. She enlarged the photo and studied it again.
This time, she was sure that Julian was really in the parking lot.

How long had he been waiting there?

So when he said she was smiling so widely, he actually saw it in person?

But…she hadn’t gone to the underground parking lot.

Diana was confused, but she bade Jayden a polite goodbye and said, “I suddenly remembered that I
need to buy something at the convenience store. You can go ahead.”

“Do you want me to go with you?”




“I’ll be fine on my own.”

Jayden didn’t push the issue, but his eyes showed obvious disappointment. “Okay.”

After Jayden entered Esteem Creations, Diana quickly pressed the elevator to the underground parking
lot and soon found Julian’s Rolls Royce.

“He’s really here?!”

Diana knocked on the tinted window several times, but got no response. Just when she was about to
take out her phone to call him, she suddenly heard someone from behind say, “Idiot.”

The person’s voice was deep and melodious, like a cello.

Diana’s breath hitched, but the person behind her continued, “Look back.

Oh, so when he sent that message to Diana back at the restaurant, he had meant it literally…

Diana’s eyes lit up at the sudden realization; she turned around swiftly, throwing her arms around
Julian’s neck. The man was shocked by the sudden enthusiasm, but endless joy burst in his heart at
her action.

“You little idiot,” Julian muttered as he wrapped his arms around her, lifting her slightly so her feet were
slightly off the ground. “I asked you to look back just now, so why didn’t you?“

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