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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 337

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Chapter 337

Julian hadn’t rushed straight to Esteem Creations after exiting the office. He still vividly recalled the
conversation from last night, when Diana said he should respect her choice and career.

To not disturb her, he chose an inconspicuous space in the parking lot to wait for her.

When Diana came out from her office for lunch, he sent her a text.

[Come over here.]

Diana stared at her phone in bewilderment.

This was the first reply she had gotten from him after she sent him the text about missing him. The long
interval between the messages had snuffed out her longing for him. After she had calmed down, she
found that her actions had been rash and impulsive. She shouldn’t have said that, especially since
Julian didn’t reply to her.

The message Julian had sent didn’t have a head or tails, giving her a bad feeling. Without thinking, she
muttered, “Is he crazy?”

Ignoring the message, she followed her colleague to the restaurant.

Since Kayla hadn’t been around recently, Diana’s design talent had gotten repeated recognition. By
now, she was already a cutting–edge designer with a budding reputation in the company.

Even the colleagues who used to shun her were now treating her better, especially Jayden, who had
attended the dinner with Julian with her and was willing to start eating lunch with her again.

Diana didn’t mind that he had ulterior motives in approaching her, or that he kept asking her a lot of
design- related talents. She too had her own motives, after all.

Through him, it would be possible to open the door to socializing with other colleagues. It would only
serve to benefit Diana, and she had nothing to lose.

As they talked and laughed, the two got closer to the restaurant.

When Julian didn’t get a reply from Diana for a long time, he got out of the car to look for her. When he
found her, he watched her every move from afar.

He saw the way she talked to the man beside her.

She was laughing, and so happily at that!

Julian narrowed his eyes and sent her a message. [You’re smiling so widely that all your teeth can be

However, he still remained behind and didn’t move forward to interrupt them, choosing to continue
watching from a distance. He walked forward only when Diana did.

Diana suddenly stopped and sharply looked around, but found nothing. [Strange. How do you know I’m

When Jayden saw her stop and fall behind, he also stopped and waited for her. It was at this moment
which allowed him to see the smile on Diana’s lips as she stared down at her phone.

Her current smile was very different from the usual one she showed in the company. It was soft and
gentle, like a flower blooming in the spring that had yet to know its own beauty.

For the first time, Jayden discovered that Diana was different from Kayla despite their obviously similar

facial features.

At first glance, they looked alike. However, their personality and attitude were completely different.

Diana knew she had stopped for a little too long, so she put away her phone and gestured to Jayden.
“Come on, let’s head in.”

“Sure.” Jayden averted his eyes and replied easily, his heart suddenly beating wildly in his chest. He
tried to look anywhere except at her, but still subconsciously opened the door for her. “After you.”

“Hmm… You’re becoming more of a gentleman, aren’t you?” Diana said, her clear eyes sparkling

Jayden simply smiled without a word, and the two walked into the restaurant side by side.

Julian followed them, his face getting darker with every step he took.

After thinking for a bit, he sent another message to Diana.

[Look back at me.]

‘Look back?‘

Diana interpreted his words as looking back at him and remembering what had happened next time, so
she fired off a quick reply. [Okay.]

Then, she put her phone away again and dismissed this little episode, focusing on ordering her food

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