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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 336

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Chapter 336

Everyone knew the awful mistreatment Diana was forced to suffer.

They all ran in the same circle; it was inevitable that this matter would be brought up when they
chatted. Even though information about Julian and Diana’s divorce was kept under a tight lid, it didn’t
prevent the people from speculating and being pessimistic about it.

Yet now, Noel was saying that the one who had caused this drastic change in Julian was Diana, and
that she

was his only woman.

Then… What the hell was Kayla?

In just a few seconds, many thoughts ran through the minds of these old foxes. They soon made a
decision: they would stay away from that idiot James as much as possible to save themselves from
being tainted at the end of the day.

After that, many of the invitations sent to James were recalled.

James was furious, and called Kayla to check on her and Julian’s progress as he tried to regain some


When Kayla heard his complaints, she already had her suspicions. After asking around casually in the
company, she noted that Diana had been settling down comfortably in recent days.

How dare she!

What right did Diana have?!

From a young age till now, Kayla had obviously spent the most time by Julian’s side.

Why was she kicked to the curb once Diana showed up?!

She would make sure that Julian knew that even with the passage of time, she would be the one who
would be

at his side at the end!

Kayla lowered her head and stared at her phone, looking at the unanswered calls to Julian. Malice
flashed through her eyes.

“Luke,” Kayla said through the phone, “We’ve got five days until our plan is officially in place. Are there
any problems on your end?”

“It’s all good,” Luke said with a sly smile. “Don’t worry. I’m going all out. I’m locked up at home all day,
and I’m crippled. I’ve got to make some ruckus, or my life will be in vain!”

Kayla felt assured and more at ease after hearing Luke’s words. “Okay. I’ll contact you in five days.”

Once that was done, she called Mr. Carter. “Did you give Diana the medicine daily?”

“Yes,” Mr. Carter replied with obvious confusion in his voice. “I’m not sure why, but there’s been no
reaction from her at all.”

What in the world was this small lesson that Kayla talked about?

Mr. Carter hadn’t seen any effect in Diana. Plus, it had been a while so he was now a little doubtful.

“There shouldn’t be any.” Kayla suddenly laughed. “The dose is small. Either way, she’ll have to take it
a few more days before it will feel like diarrhea.”

Ah, so it was a laxative.

Mr. Carter was relieved to hear that.

“Don’t worry. I’ll ensure things are done perfectly.”

“Okay, thanks. I’ll leave it to you. I’m a little nervous when I think about Diana getting diarrhea,” Kayla
said sweetly.

“You’re really too kind, Miss Kayla,” Mr. Carter lamented. “Completely unlike Diana, who grew up in the
countryside and came to Richburgh. Who knows what kind of dark past she had back there?”

And yet, such a complicated and mysterious woman had actually become the mistress of the Fulcher

Mr. Carter felt aggrieved for Kayla whenever he thought about it. “In my heart, you’re his perfect match,
Miss Kayla.”

This made Kayla happy, and she said, “Don’t worry, I’ll return eventually as mistress of the place.”

And the day was coming soon.

Kayla looked at the calendar, where the date September fourteenth was circled. It was in five days. She
let herself fall back on the hospital bed and laughed through tears, thinking to herself silently, ‘Julian, I’ll
never give you up to anyone else!‘

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