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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 333

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Chapter 333

Obviously, Diana could see through Julian’s act.

“Never mind.”

They were a married couple, so it wasn’t like they hadn’t slept in the same bed before. Besides, he also
told her that nothing had ever happened between him and Kayla.

In that regard, he was still clean and Diana wasn’t disgusted at him. When the babies were born in the
future, it was inevitable that they would have to live in the same room together; doing it now would only
mean that the schedule had moved up.

Steeling herself, she followed suit and lay down under the covers. However, there was a gap between
the two in bed, and Diana didn’t lay down on Julian’s arm as he had anticipated she would.

Seeing his expectant gaze, she quickly said, “Your arm must be sore from the massage, so I won’t
touch you.


After saying that, she even moved further, widening the gap between them.

Julian was exasperated, and obvious unhappiness lined his face. “My arm doesn’t hurt now.”

Diana brightened. “Does that mean you’re going back to your room?”

His jaw dropped at the unexpected turn, and his indifference fell away as he hastily replied, “My throat

He gave her a look like a pitiful puppy wagging its tail.

“Then you should stop talking.”

When he spoke, his breath sprayed onto her face, making it oddly hot.

As soon as Diana finished speaking, she turned off the lights.

In the dark, she drew a line between them on the bed with two fingers and warned him, “Don’t cross
this line.


Julian, who was about to shift closer, was speechless.


The first of many steps to his success had been achieved now that he managed to lie in the same bed
as her,

and he smiled contentedly in the darkness.

On the other hand, Diana wasn’t happy about the situation.

She thought she wouldn’t feel any discomfort after living together with Julian and sleeping in the same
bed. for a long time, but she could vividly feel every movement he made beside her and couldn’t fall

She kept tossing and turning.

“Do you feel unwell?” Julian kept asking. “Do you want to throw up?”

Since she was pregnant, she didn’t have much morning sickness. When Julian asked her this, an

fire lit in her heart.

“Do you think I have morning sickness? Have you seen me throw up? You were in Kayla’s tender loving
care when I felt like throwing up.”

Julian could feel the anger behind her words, but he still refuted, “There wasn’t any tender loving-”

“You’re still making excuses?” Diana shot back. “Regardless, your attention and thoughts were wholly


Diana had been so worried that Julian would discover her pregnancy, she didn’t dare make a sound
even when she threw up.

In the dark of the night, the pain of enduring such a time and Julian’s terrible betrayal were suddenly
magnified a thousand times.

“Sorry,” Diana said as she turned on the lights again. The white light fell on her face, highlighting how
dull she looked at this moment. “I can’t forget about the past.”

She wanted to pretend that nothing had happened and work towards the future wholeheartedly, but the
past always came back to haunt her at the most unexpected time; and whenever she remembered
them, her heart ached deeply.

“It’s fine,” Julian hurriedly assured her. “If you can’t forget it, don’t force yourself to. Remember the
ridiculous things I did once, and punish me severely once we’re old. Just slap me every day if you need

“What a silver tongue you have!” Diana huffed and punched his arm, but her mood had lightened at his


Recently, her mood had been in an unstable state, like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it was good,
and other times it would be instantly sour without warning. She couldn’t control her emotions.

“Why can’t I slap you now?”

Julian was stunned. However, he quickly understood what she was referring to and replied, “Well, I
don’t want my face to be distorted when we’re still young. If that happens, I won’t be able to stand on
the same level as you. But we’ll both be wrinkled when we’re old, and you won’t leave me even if I get

Diana found his words to be strange. “Why do you keep talking about how I’ll leave you? Wouldn’t the
possibility of you leaving me be higher?“

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