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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 334

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Chapter 334

“No,” Julian said firmly while looking into Diana’s eyes. “Remember this, Diana. From now on, as long
as I’m alive, I will never leave your side.”

He would be her knight forever.

Diana looked at him doubtfully. “Did you put honey in your mouth recently, with how many sweet words
you’ve been spouting?”

Lately, she had thought his words were too sweet to be believable.

“Do you want to check?”

Diana was still in a daze when Julian said that; before she could react, he leaned over and pecked her

on her lips.

He was as quick as lightning and quickly laid back down, giving her the innocent puppy look as he
asked, Was it sweet?”

Julian spoke as if he hadn’t done anything bad, and Diana was left sitting alone in a daze. In the end,
only one word was in her mind as she exclaimed, “You’re shameless!”

With a clap, the lights were turned off again.

This time, the two were surprisingly quiet, but Julian’s arm quickly crossed the so–called line between
them and slowly inched toward her calf.

“People say that pregnancy causes sore legs. You can sleep while I massage it for you.”

“You said your arms were sore,” Diana protested, feeling her heart ache again at the reminder. She
wanted to pull her leg out of his reach, but she couldn’t bring herself to move and could only continue to

now?” Why do you want to give me another massage

Julian immediately referenced the quick kiss he had and said, “Because I got a reward.”

Diana smiled, and didn’t object anymore.

Diana fell into a deep sleep in the middle of his massage with his strong hands, and it was one of the
most comfortable sleep she enjoyed ever since she fell pregnant.

She didn’t have a single nightmare, and before she knew it, the sun had risen.

Diana was in a good mood when she opened her eyes, but it dimmed when she realized the man
beside her had gone. She suddenly felt empty for no reason, and unconsciously reached out to touch
the place where he had slept.

It was cold, which meant he had been up for a long time.

Had he


to work?

She hesitantly got out of bed and lazily brushed her teeth before going downstairs for breakfast. The
food on the table seemed like it had been made by Julian personally, but there was still no sign of the

“Where’s Julian?” Diana asked Mr. Carter as she took a bite of her sandwich.

“The master made breakfast and went out early this morning,” Mr. Carter replied with a kind smile.

He looked like a gentle and ordinary old man, and seemed to have returned to being respectful to

“We’ve kept the food warm for you. Is the taste alright?”

“It’s fine,” Diana replied absently–mindedly.

Though the food was delicious, Diana felt even more disappointed at the old man’s answers and lost
any desire to continue the conversation.

After breakfast, she packed her things and headed for work. All morning, her mind was filled with
memories of the kiss from last night, Julian’s strong hands massaging her, and the completely different
voices he made while telling a story to their babies.

Subconsciously, she went online to search for Julian’s name. Many articles popped up, and there were
also photos of him.

His handsome face and dashing brows stared back at her on the screen.

He was so good–looking!

The smile on her lips stayed for a long time as she stared at the screen for an unknown amount of time.

When her screen finally turned black from being idle for so long and reflected her goofy smile at her,
she belatedly realized that she was…

Missing him?

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