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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 332

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Chapter 332

Her life at the moment was so much more beautiful and happier than her last three years of hoping to


Julian didn’t say anything to her statement. He sat upright and said, “Pregnancy is hard. Let me give
you a


As he said that, he had already started to knead her legs, neck, and shoulders.

In fact, the method he used seemed quite professional.

It made it hard for Diana to refuse, even though she wanted to. She closed her eyes and leaned in
comfortably to his touch.

“Did you take classes on this?”

“Yeah. One can’t have too many skills.”

It was easy to say that, but Julian had actually only recently learned this skill. Fearing he might do
something wrong and have the opposite effect on a pregnant woman, he also asked a famous masseur
to teach him the art, and he was now showing Diana the labor of his work.

However, Diana didn’t need to know the troubles he went through for this. She was his wife, and she
simply needed to enjoy it.

It would be best if they could return to how they were in the past, when Diana didn’t need to worry
about anything and just lived happily every day.

The room was quiet except for the sound of the ticking clock, and about half an hour passed before
Julian stopped.

“Okay, maternity privileges time is over.”

“Huh?” Diana was a little disappointed.

He had been giving her the best massage she had had in a while, and she had almost fallen asleep
from his touch. She hadn’t had enough yet, but he had already stopped! It was like an itch under her
skin that couldn’t be stopped. But when she saw Julian massaging his own wrist to get the soreness
out, she felt embarrassed to ask him for more, seeing how tiring it was for him.

So, she nodded. “Okay.”

Julian noted her expression, but pretended not to see it and picked up the forgotten storybook.

“It’s time for our little stars to hear a story.”

His tone was low and mellow; perhaps because he was telling a story to the babies, but he even made
it childish and high–pitched sometimes, and even made various facial expressions.

Diana couldn’t help but comment, “That’s quite something.”

Julian instantly smoothened his face back into a neutral expression and focused more on telling the

Unknowingly, another half an hour passed. This time, Julian’s wrist hurt, and his throat was also a little


Diana hurriedly got out of bed and poured him a glass of water.

“Here, you must be thirsty.”

The atmosphere was quiet, and the two didn’t talk. They sat in comfortable silence, and their hearts felt
whole and filled and no longer empty.

“Okay,” Julian said, placing the glass on the table. It didn’t seem like he intended to leave at all, and
instead pulled back the covers. “Time to sleep.”

After saying that, he patted his arm, indicating that Diana could lay on it and use it as a pillow.

Somehow, tonight felt more like a series of well–laid traps. She looked suspiciously at him and asked, ”
Aren’t you leaving?”

Diana already knew what the man was trying to do, yet she still asked.

Julian’s innocent eyes widened, but he stayed silent. The rubbing motion of his wrist and the touching
of his throat became more noticeable and frequent, as if he was silently stating that everywhere hurt.

However, those dark eyes of his had none of its usual solemnity when they looked at Diana; rather,
they, appeared pure and innocent.

Seriously? He wasn’t going to admit that he had done all those irresponsible things on purpose, was

Diana was speechless at his actions; soon, her anger gradually dissipated and she said with a
somewhat guilty voice, “I only asked why you weren’t leaving…”

She had already rejected his proposal of moving back into the room two days ago, after all. There was
no reason for him to stay here tonight.

But it seemed that he was determined to be a rascal tonight, as he didn’t answer Diana’s question and
instead moaned pitifully, “I’m so tired…my throat hurts…”

It didn’t matter how shameless he needed to act. Julian was determined he would sleep next to his
wife, no

matter what it took!

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