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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 330

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Chapter 330

After going through so much, Diana didn’t want to be as foolish as she was back then. She wasn’t
going to give all her heart to Julian and rely on him for everything. She assumed he was only staying
with her for the sake of the children. Since that was the case, it would be better to lock her feelings
away so she wouldn’t get


Yet now, Julian was telling her that he feared she wouldn’t want him anymore.

The sorrow and panic in his words were much too obvious.

Was it really not just for the babies that he had made up with her?

Diana’s newly strengthened heart began to waver again at the vulnerability that Julian displayed,
especially when she looked into his eyes, which were misted over.

It deeply affected her heart, and she said softly, “I won’t leave you.”

She placed her hand gently on his back and hugged him back just as tightly.

As long as he wanted her…she would do the same.

In the end, it would still be her loss.

The anger she used to carry with her vanished in that instance.

“But please, in the future, don’t look down on my work. Design is…something I really love.”

Julian lit up and nodded like a child who had been given candy. He also knew how to bargain as he
said, Then, you’re not allowed to suppress your true feelings for the babies‘ sake. Compared to them, I
care more about you.”

Those words confirmed what Diana was thinking–that Julian hadn’t made up with her just for the sake
of the babies.

Her heart felt lighter, and her mood lifted. “Really?”

“Of course!” Julian exclaimed. He lifted his head from her neck, traces of redness still around his eyes.
It was so unlike the usually calm and ruthless image he displayed. He now looked more like a puppy
waiting to be praised by its owner.

But his answer made Diana’s expression gloomy again. “Don’t you like our children?”

Julian was speechless.

Oh my god!

His eyes reddened further.

This was all his fault, wasn’t it? Why did he do all those things to hurt Diana and the babies? All of the
things happening to him right now was karma; he was sure of it!

His heart felt tight and stuffy, for he could tell that Diana no longer relied on him wholeheartedly as she
used to do in the past.

He couldn’t feel the complete faith and trust she used to have in him, either.

Sorrow washed through him at the thought of how she had matured and grown independent due to the
harsh pain and cruel life lessons she was forced to suffer.

And all the pain she had experienced…was all inflicted by him.

Diana wouldn’t understand the overwhelming emotions running through him. He was also embarrassed
that she actually saw him cry, so he looked skyward and blurted out, “The weather’s nice today.”


Diana looked outside to see the dark sky, and wondered how the topic had jumped to be about the

Seeing the look in his eyes, however, she panicked and simply played along, “Yeah. There are a lot of

Julian suddenly thought of something and said, “Why don’t we name our child Aster?”

Aster, which meant star in Greek.

Diana murmured, “That sounds good.”

Besides, it was a unisex name,

However, they had two children.

“Are we going to call the elder child Aster and the younger one Aster Jr?”

“No way,” Julian said, rejecting the suggestion instantly. “That sounds so low effort.”

He looked down and contemplated for a moment. Diana waited expectantly for him to come up with two

amazing names.

Finally, he said, “Let’s call our first child Aster, and our second child Star.”

Diana’s eyes twitched. “…Get out, Julian!”

Julian was rendered speechless.

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