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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 329

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Chapter 329

Diana looked up, discontent and shock finally showing in her eyes.

Those were what she was truly feeling.

At this moment, she was not happy.

Julian wanted to pretend he didn’t see her emotions, but he didn’t like how she forced herself to smile.
It made his throat feel like it was stuffed with rocks, and his heart felt tight.

He placed his hands gently on Diana’s head and continued softly, “Diana, I’m your husband. You can
be honest with me. Laugh if you’re happy, cry if you’re sad, and curse if you’re upset. You don’t have to
put up an act with me, and you don’t have to pretend to feel what you’re not.”

His voice was loud and clear, and every word he said pierced Diana’s heart deeply.

The things he told her to do were things she could only do if she was sure she was loved and favored
by the man standing before her.

But right now, she wasn’t confident that he did.

Diana rubbed her baby bump as she lay on the bed. The two didn’t speak for a long time, and let time
slowly pass in silence.

Julian’s eyes burned brightly as if he wouldn’t rest until she said something, but what was there to talk
about between them if it wasn’t about the babies?

In the end, Diana couldn’t endure his gaze and averted her eyes. Her voice was soft when she spoke,
sounding as if it would scatter in the wind. “If I’m happier and smile more, it’d be good for the babies.”

“But what about yourself?” Julian asked, looking at her with deeply troubled eyes. “You’re always
talking about the babies, doing this and that for them all the time. But do you think the babies want you
to do so many things you’re actually unwilling to?”

Compared to the babies, Julian was much more concerned about Diana’s feelings at this moment.

Diana raised an eyebrow at his words. “Would you still think I was important if I didn’t tell you about my

Julian felt a wave of dizziness hit him, feeling like someone had taken a stick and hit him hard on the
head. with it. He looked at her in shock, and exclaimed, “How could you think that?!”

Wanting to get back together with her and not wanting to divorce her, none of those had anything to do
with the baby!

Julian had simply understood what his heart truly wanted; he wanted to be with her!

He gradually calmed down, and even hung his head low. “Do you really…not understand my heart?”

“I…” Diana was speechless.

Julian was crying!

He was actually shedding tears in front of her!

Diana was suddenly at a loss for words at how to respond to him. Troubled, she began hesitantly, “I…”

“Stop,” Julian said as he approached her. His eyes were misty, and he pulled her into his arms and
embraced her tightly.

“I’m sorry.”

Julian really, really loved her.

He also hoped she would never feel sadness or grief anymore, and not feel overwhelmed because of

Thus, he took the initiative to hold her, assure her, and chase away all her discomfort and frustration.

He rested his head on her shoulder. It was stifling and hot, and Diana could clearly hear his ragged

She was too frightened to move. “Are you feeling unwell, Julian?”

“No,” Julian replied in a voice carrying a hint of uncertainty and helplessness. “I just want…to lean on

He tightened his arms around her. “You can never say you don’t want me, Diana.”

His words echoed repeatedly in Diana’s mind. She never imagined she would one day ever hear such
vulnerable words from Julian.

At the time, she was also confused. “What’s wrong with you, Julian?”

“Nothing,” he mumbled motionlessly at her neck. “I was just afraid you wouldn’t want me.”

Diana snorted. “Don’t be S

What right did she have to not want him?

Wasn’t he the one holding the reins of their relationship from the very start? He was the one who held
power to end it too, wasn’t he?

Their marriage, divorce, and not wanting to divorce were all his decisions. Each time, she could only
suffer in silence. Everyone who knew them understood full well who loved more between the two.

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