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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 328

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Chapter 328

Diana hurriedly asked Julian to call Vans over. Vans was a general practitioner with experience in
gynecology. He was also a highly educated and experienced doctor.

After an examination, Vans declared that Diana was fine and healthy. Confused, he scratched his head
and said, “All the indicators are pretty good. You’re in perfect health.”

He turned to Julian and asked, “Have you been pressuring her lately?”

That was impossible!

Julian treated Diana like fragile glass now, worried that he would break her by accident. She was even
more precious to him than in the previous three years of their marriage, so how could he have
pressured her?

Julian looked at Diana’s computer, which was still turned on, and knew she must’ve done extra work
after her day job. Unhappy, he said in a hard tone, “You should stop working at Esteem Creations. It’s a
crappy job.

Diana was unwilling, of course. She had to overcome a lot of difficulties to establish her roots at
Esteem Creations. Even those who used to dislike her praised her designs, which was a good outcome
for her and the key to her comeback as someone starting over from scratch.

There was no way she would return to being the same person as before and live in the Fulcher family
without any career aspirations.

“I’m not giving up my job at Esteem Creations,” she declared firmly.

“How much money can you make there?” Julian scoffed. “If you want to earn money and work, Fulcher
Inc. has plenty of jobs for you to pick from. I can even make a big office just for you-

Before he could finish, Diana interrupted him, “And then what?”

There was a sharp look in her eyes; an emotion he hadn’t seen in her before, and it struck him as

For a moment, he even felt that perhaps he had never really known Diana. Yet, her next words were
akin to a sharp knife that cut his heart deeply.

“Are you going to force me to stay on your turf? Lock me in a cage like a bird? And when you want to
love someone else, will you tell me to get lost? Will you pester me to return the money you’ve spent on
me and demand it back immediately because you want to sever our ties as soon as possible? Is that

These were all things he had once done to Diana.

Diana had always talked about how the future was more important than the past, so he genuinely
thought. she didn’t care about it anymore.

Until now, Julian finally understood that there were just some things that would never go away.

His face turned several shades red as the thoughts raced through his mind. Just as Diana thought he
was going to storm out of the door, he suddenly walked up to her, helped her put away her computer,
and said softly, “Get some rest. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

Julian knew she was doing this because she cared about the babies. He was also afraid she wouldn’t
listen to him and would return to working once he left, so he added, “Just think of it as for the babies‘


For the babies‘ sake.

Diana never realized that children could really change a man. It turned out children could really make
the love in a relationship take a backseat and make everything about them.

But wasn’t that what she had wanted in the first place?

The more considerate Julian was for the babies, the more assured she was to stay in the Fulcher
family. It was much better than her previous panic, when she would often worry if Julian would do
something to them.

She had to be content with what she had.

So, Diana smiled and said, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to say all those things to you. Don’t take it to heart,

For the sake of the babies, it was necessary to maintain a superficial peace between them.

Diana thought she was doing the exact same thing that Julian had done, which was to suppress his
temper. Somehow, Julian found the smile on her face to be an eyesore.

He became inexplicably irritated, and a hint of anger flashed on his face.

“Stop smiling, Diana.”

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