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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 327

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Chapter 327

The smile on Diana’s lips gradually fell away.

It was precisely because she was pregnant that she was worried.

Worried that his love for her wasn’t sincere, and that he was only doing it for the babies and to fulfill
Madam Fulcher’s wish to have great–grandchildren.

Even if those reasons were only a small part of why he had chosen to reconcile with her and not bring
up divorce anymore, she still felt like cold water had poured down on her. Her anticipation vanished

The actual fact, in the end, was that he had done it all for the babies.

Men were liars through and through.

At this moment, Diana once again experienced the true meaning of that saying, and pushed Julian’s
heartfelt confession to the back of her mind.

If his feelings weren’t completely genuine, then…she didn’t need to surrender her whole heart to him

They only needed to uphold the status quo for the babies‘ sake. As long as they were healthy and
happy, then as their mother, she felt it was worth it.

When Diana remained silent for a long time, Julian leaned down and kissed her forehead. “What’s
wrong? Why did you become so quiet?”

“It’s nothing,” Diana replied, turning her head to rub against his shoulder, effectively wiping away the
traces of his kiss. “I’m just feeling rested and comfortable right now.”

Julian smiled and continued to rub her abdomen gently. “It’ll be even better when they start to move.”

He eagerly looked forward to seeing if the babies would take after Diana or not.

“Should we check their gender when they get older?” Diana asked, thinking he was still quite

about this matter.

“No,” Julian replied without hesitation. “There’s no point doing so. I’ll like them no matter their gender.”

After all, they would be his and Diana’s babies.

Madam Fulcher was also looking forward to their birth.

“Anyway, Grandma would break my legs if she found out.”

Diana couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of the kindly old woman doing such a thing. 1

“That’s true. But if they really are girls, are you sure it’ll be fine?”

She was afraid Julian would recall his bad memories, and feel upset and disappointed when the
children were born. It would certainly affect their parent–child relationship. If Julian knew their genders
earlier, perhaps he’d have had enough time to prepare himself so that his disappointment wouldn’t

“Of course it’s fine,” Julian said, pinching her nose gently. “Do I look that fragile to you?”

“Not really,” Diana said, shaking her head. She added truthfully, “I was only afraid it’d affect the babies.”

Her expression turned serious as she looked at the handsome man before her. “I won’t allow anyone to

them, not even you.”

Diana had never shown him such a tough and determined side of herself. Rather than feeling
threatened, Julian looked highly amused.

“You look like a mother hen defending her chicks against all odds.”

As he said that, he reached out to tickle her. When she squealed in surprise at the action, he laughed
and said seriously, “Don’t worry. I’ll love them as much as you do.”

They were both looking forward to meeting their children, after all.

When Diana saw the serious, domineering man showing her such goofy actions, the previous bit of
unpleasantness in her heart dissipated completely. She laughed along with him.

Their happy laughter was clearly infectious, as even the driver’s lips quirked up into a smile as he

It would be great if time could go on like this where they were happy and at peace.

Yet, it wasn’t meant to be.

The next day, Diana returned home and did some overtime after work. After sending the monthly dress
design she had promised Fanny, she was suddenly hit with a wave of dizziness.

Since it was her first pregnancy, she didn’t want to be careless and brush off anything that happened to

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