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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 325

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Chapter 325

Getting Diana would already be enough as revenge on Julian, but Kayla wouldn’t tell Luke that, lest he
discover that Diana was important to Julian and grow fearful.

It was best kept as a secret.

Regardless, it seemed Luke had taken the bait.

“That’s easy,” Kayla said with a mysterious smile. “In a week, Julian will have a very important meeting.
On that day, you just have to…”

Luke quickly agreed to her plan.

Things were going so well, and Kayla kept cackling after she hung up.

If Julian still showed no signs of coming around after a week, then her plans with Luke would go on.
That night, Kayla had a good night’s sleep; something very rare in recent days.

Diana had been feeling restless for the past few days. She was worried that her mood would affect her
babies. She even went to get an electrocardiogram, but it showed that she was very healthy.

“I still feel very anxious,” Diana said to Julian as they exited the hospital.

Julian had even asked the hospital’s dean to look at her test results, and he assured Diana that

was fine.

If there wasn’t anything physically wrong with her, perhaps it was something psychological in nature


His brows furrowed deeply. “Have you been having trouble at the company lately?”

The last time he had invited the people from Esteem Creations for a meal, he could clearly tell how

situation in the company was.

“Or is Kayla giving you a hard time?”

“Kayla hasn’t been coming into work lately,” Diana said, a small hint of joy hidden in her voice. “It
seems you really haven’t been in touch with her lately.”

“Yeah. I cut off all contact between us. I placed Noel to be solely responsible for her.”

However, Noel hadn’t been keeping him informed about Kayla’s movements lately.

“My colleagues haven’t done anything lately. It’s been peaceful,” Diana said as she recalled her days.
She suddenly looked up and giggled as she rubbed her abdomen. “Maybe because things have been
going so well lately that I’m unused to it…”

She smiled and lowered her head to get into the car. “It’s okay, I guess. The results show that I’m
healthy, my work is going well, and I have Mr. Fulcher supporting me. Maybe I’m uneasy because
everything’s going too perfectly.”

Julian could understand her feelings.



,” he apologized sincerely. “The time before this… I shouldn’t have treated you that way.”

Just because she was happy now, didn’t mean she would forget the past.

Diana was somewhat reluctant to talk about the past. She would brush it off each time, and simply said,
“It’s fine. Didn’t we already say that as long as the future is good and that there is one, that’s the most
important thing?”

This was especially so after she saw his determination in dealing with his relationship with Kayla now.

Her previous fear that Julian would still keep switching her and Kayla hadn’t come to realization yet.

The feeling of being loved and favored was gradually coming back. She was even secure enough to
ask, ” Julian, is it really me that you like and not Kayla?”


“Yes, I’m sure,” Julian said as he closed the window and placed a cushion at Diana’s back so that she
would be more comfortable; his handsome face was filled with tenderness and care.

“I’ve gone to great lengths to confirm my feelings, and there’s absolutely no room for error, much less…
thinking of you as someone’s so–called substitute.”

Julian knew he had been a real bastard the past month.

“How could a person subconsciously be nice to another person if they didn’t like them?”

Nowadays, words came easier to Julian whenever he spoke to Diana. These words seemed to be pent
up in his chest for a long time, and he couldn’t stop them from pouring out once he started.

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