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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 326

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Chapter 326

“Okay, enough,” Diana interrupted Julian. “I get it. As long as you can separate your feelings for me
and Kayla and stop putting the three of us in this awkward relationship again, that’s enough for me.”

“It won’t happen again,” Julian assured her.

He was about to add something else, but when he saw Diana looking exhausted, with her eyes closed
and looking like she wanted to do nothing more than rest, he stopped.

Diana didn’t have bad morning sickness so far in her pregnancy, her energy levels were clearly much

than before.

Julian didn’t say anything else but silently asked the driver to put on some soft music, then pulled Diana
closer to rest her head on his shoulder more comfortably.

Diana leaned on his shoulder. She didn’t sleep, and didn’t have any intention to.

She simply felt…apprehensive.

She worried about the sincerity of Julian’s feelings, and about reconnecting with him because of the
babies she was carrying. She was also uneasy about…

Whether he would change his mind again.

Even though he kept assuring her he wouldn’t, and though he had done many embarrassing and
awkward things in the past because he had confused his feelings, it was undeniable that his actions
had hurt her deeply.

Diana once thought that the relationship between her and Julian would gradually repair itself once they
got back together regardless of the past, but now, it didn’t seem to be that way. Their past was akin to
broken glass; once there was a crack, it was difficult to repair it completely.

Not to mention, his actions impacted her a lot and had caused her great despair.

Still, those things weren’t important for the time being. Whenever she was sad, she only needed to look
at Julian to somehow gain a mysterious power that would push all the bad things that had happened to
the back

of her mind.

Even so, she would never forget the look in Julian’s eyes when he asked for a divorce, nor his
obsession and preference he had for Kayla over her once upon a time.

Although Julian and Kayla were no longer in contact, she still couldn’t help but think about what would
happen in the future.

Would they really have a beautiful and healthy future together as a family?

He really wouldn’t…suddenly say that Kayla was actually the one he loved, right?

The thought was akin to a vine wrapped tightly around her heart. Diana turned pale from the emotions
that crashed down on her as she realized something.

She didn’t have as much trust in Julian as she had in the past.

There were additional feelings in her love: doubt and uncertainty.

Like poison, it ate away at her sanity bit by bit, making it impossible for her to enjoy the present with

Thinking about Julian, she subconsciously blurted out, “Will you really love me always and never
change your mind?”

Her heart beat wildly in her chest as soon as those words escaped her lips. Tensing up, she held her
breath in anticipation of his answer.

Julian initially thought he had misheard, but after pondering over her words for a bit, he realized that he
was in truth the source of Diana’s uneasiness in the past few days.

Should he be happy that he had such an influence on his wife?

Diana heard him chuckle; his voice was clear and bright like the afternoon sun on a beautiful spring
day, making one feel warm.

“Of course,” Julian replied firmly.

round as long a

Women were silly. They were willing to stick they heard something good.

Diana’s lips gradually lifted into a smile…

Until she felt Julian’s hands slowly reaching out to touch her abdomen.

“We even have children together already. What are you worried about?”

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