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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 324

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Chapter 324

Kayla grasped the credit for being Julian’s savior like a lifeline, refusing to give it up so easily. She even
tried hurting herself again during this period of time, but Julian remained staunchly unmoved.

Finally, she was anxious enough and went looking for James.

“Daddy, can you give me Luke’s contact info?”

James was a little suspicious. “Why do you want to contact him? Mr. Fulcher messed up Luke so badly
the last time because of you! When I contacted his family to arrange Diana’s marriage, I didn’t dare tell
them that she used to be married to Mr. Fulcher. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to look for him.
What if he gets agitated and hurts you?”

It would’ve been better if James hadn’t mentioned this at all, because Kayla’s thoughts ran wild the
moment she processed his words.

At the abandoned factory, she thought Julian had been so ruthless to Luke because of her. Now that
she thought about it again, perhaps Julian was already fully inclined toward Diana at that time instead.

In other words, Julian had been merciless toward Luke not because of her, but because of Diana!

But why?!

It was her, Kayla, who had saved Julian back when she was a child!

Everyone thought that was the case for many years. Even though Diana was the one who had actually
saved Julian, no one actually knew about it. Wasn’t that the same as saying that Diana hadn’t saved
him at all?

Kayla took the credit for saving Julian belonged to her for granted; naturally, the man himself should
also be


To treat her this way after all that was cruel and heartless of him!

In that case, she shouldn’t be blamed for hardening her heart to get back at them.

“You don’t have to worry about it,” Kayla said after some thought. “I need to ask him for something.
Since Julian’s with me, he wouldn’t do anything to me.”

James didn’t know that Julian had cut off connections with Kayla, so he immediately relaxed after
hearing his daughter’s words.

“Well, that’s good. Do your best, okay? Get Diana to divorce him as soon as possible. I’m still waiting to
boast about how I’m the Fulchers‘ father–in–law!”

When the time came, James would put out a big announcement to make up for the three years he
couldn’t do

so when Diana married Julian.

“Okay,” Kayla said with a nod, and hung up.

Soon after, James sent Luke’s contact information to her. She hesitated for a moment before finally

the number.

“I want to give you a wife. Are you interested?”

After Julian dealt with Luke, he was now not only physically disabled, but even all his wealth from the
Pabian family had been cut off. He was now locked up in the house all day. Although he was well–fed
and taken care of, his heart was full of resentment and dissatisfaction.

He wanted to find a woman to vent his frustrations on, but he couldn’t even do that in the state he was

right now.

Luke was pleased to hear Kayla say that, but when he recalled Julian, he asked coldly, “Are you guys
out to get me again?”

“No,” Kayla said firmly. “You should understand that I’m not your enemy. In fact… I’m also a thorn in
Julian’s side right now.”

She placed herself in the same position as Luke and heard the other breath sharply in surprise before
she continued, “I really want to join forces with you, Luke.”

Luke didn’t respond.

“Julian hurt you. Are you really willing to let him go and live his life like everything is fine? And that
woman that caught your eye before… Don’t you want to try her out?”

That woman…

Luke recalled Diana’s wonderful figures and her bright eyes that were as calm as a lake. Just a brief
look of them could hook a person’s soul and drag them to drown in her eyes.

She was indeed a rare beauty.

The temptation was too great, and Luke finally replied, “So, you’re that woman’s fake?”

The word he used was like a knife to her heart, but Kayla maintained her smile. “Yes, that’s me. I was
at the abandoned factory and tried to help you by recording the video.”

A smile immediately stretched on Luke’s scarred face.

“Alright. Tell me, what should I do to get her and have my revenge on Julian?“

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