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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 322

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Chapter 322

Julian’s raised voice startled Vans and cleared his mind almost instantly. Vans looked at Julian before
asking Diana, “Are you saying… Julian knows about your pregnancy, and he’s not going after you for

“Yes,” Diana replied with a nod, then looked at him with a gentle smile. “Thank you for helping me hide


“It’s nothing,” Vans replied numbly.

He was sincerely happy for them. He was also relieved that he no longer had to hide her pregnancy
from Julian, and was even more excited that Julian had really accepted the babies Diana was carrying.

It was proof that he hadn’t made the wrong decision in helping Diana to escape the abortion.

Wait… Something was wrong.

Vans’s eyes suddenly widened comically when the crux of the matter occurred to him, and he asked,
“Julian, you…you don’t blame me for keeping this from you, do you?”

Oh, what a fool to have only thought of it now!

Julian sneered, “What do you


When Vans heard Julian’s reply, he hightailed it out of there. In just a few moments, the gynecology

department was empty.

Diana was surprised at how fast Vans had run off, and she looked at Julian before asking, “Do you
want to call him and tell him there’s no need to be afraid? Back then in the operation theater, it was
thanks to his help…that we still have our babies today.”

This was her indirectly speaking up for Vans.

“It’s not like I blamed him,” Julian said with a happy glint in his eyes. He pushed Diana gently toward
the doctor’s office and continued, “Go ahead for your checkup.”

He would look for Vans and have a smoke with the latter.

“I’ll pick you up later,” Julian said as he instructed Noel to send someone to guard the stairway. “Don’t
worry about security.”

What could go wrong at the hospital?

Diana looked at him awkwardly. “Go on ahead.”

The checkup went well, and the doctor informed her that her babies were developing well.

Diana took the checkup result, intended to show it to Julian when she saw him. She didn’t think he
would be back yet, but when she left the ultrasound room, she saw him standing in the doorway waiting
for her.

“Have you settled things with Vans?”

“Yeah,” Julian replied, looking down and reaching for the pregnancy checkup result. He skimmed
through the paper with a serious look for a while, before looking up suddenly and saying, “I don’t
understand anything about this.”

Diana couldn’t help herself. “I didn’t think there was anything in this world you wouldn’t understand,

There were many things in this world he didn’t understand. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have waited until
now to comprehend the feelings he had for her.

After going through this mini–crisis, he was obviously more humble than before.

“Could you explain it to me, Mrs. Fulcher?”

Diana didn’t understand the report either, so she said, “Well, it doesn’t really matter. It just indicates that
our babies are healthy and thriving now.”

“That’s good,” Julian said.

He looked around the environment of the public hospital. “Maybe we should switch to private clinics for
your future maternity checks, or maybe I’ll have the hospital’s dean come over instead.”

There were too many people here, and he was afraid it would be inconvenient for Diana to come here

her stomach swelled.

“I’m not that delicate.” Diana pouted and hit his arm. Then, she leaned against him and said, “I just
want to experience an ordinary life with you, so it’s good for us to line up and wait as normal people

There were many pregnant women out there who didn’t have their husbands with them for their
checkups, but she would have Julian by her side for all her future ones.

Thinking about it, having this kind of mundane bliss was a delight.

When Julian saw the wide smile on her lips, he knew she was pleased.

“Why? Do you want to show off your husband?”

Show off her husband?

Diana couldn’t help but laugh when she heard that. “Yes, that’s right. I just want to show off my
husband. No one’s husband is as good–looking as mine. Even if there was, they would definitely not be
as rich as you are!”

In short, her husband was the best of the best!

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