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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 321

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Chapter 321

Vans blinked, shocked.

What did Julian say? His wife?

Vans shot Diana a skeptical look, as if asking her why she wasn’t protesting the title Julian had called

Julian saw Vans looking at Diana; he wrapped his arm around her waist and glared at Vans.

“What are you looking at?”

Vans was now thoroughly confused and disturbed at the same time. He looked as if he wanted to pull
Diana away from Julian right away, but also didn’t dare move due to Julian’s intimidating glare.

After all, Julian was his best friend. But… He was only being a good Samaritan by helping Diana out,
wasn’t he?

Diana saw the confused look on Vans’s face and found it hilarious. Since she had her fill, she wouldn’t
tease him anymore. Just as she was about to speak, Julian tightened his grip on her waist.

In Vans’s point of view, it looked like Diana wanted to step away from Julian. However, Julian was
holding her back when his hold tightened.

Diana was pregnant! What if Julian was too forceful?!

Besides, with Julian around, Diana couldn’t go to her checkup.

Vans considered his options, then straightened up and said, “Julian, come here. I have something
important to tell you.”

When Julian saw how Vans racked his brains so desperately, he almost couldn’t stop himself from
teasing Vans. Upon recalling how his good friend had teamed up with Diana to deceive him, he decided
Vans deserved this little show they were putting on.

Giving Vans a lazy glance, Julian asked, “Why? Are you dying?”

Vans nearly burst in frustration at Julian’s words, and even Diana couldn’t take it anymore. She poked



Julian didn’t expect Diana to defend Vans. He lowered his head to look Diana in her eyes and warned,
“Don’t speak up for him. I’ll get jealous.”

Diana was speechless. Fine! She would keep quiet.

To Vans, however, it looked like a pregnant woman was being tortured by her unreasonable husband.
After all, Julian had a history of trying to abort the children Diana was carrying before.

Vans felt his anxiety climb higher due to those thoughts, and he called out again, “Julian!”

His tone sounded more serious than before, and he even reached out to pull Julian’s arm.

“Come on. Walk with me for a bit.”

“Why?” Julian replied casually. Even without exerting the slightest effort to resist, Vans was unable to

his friend at all.

Julian leveled a cold gaze on Van and said flatly, “If you’re not dying, I won’t go outside with you.”

With that, he brushed off Vans’s hand and pulled Diana toward the gynecology department.

“I have to accompany her for her examination. You can go about your business.”

How could Vans let that happen?!

If Julian went with Diana, he would find out that she was pregnant!

Vans was almost jumping in panic. He was sorely tempted just to close his eyes and knock Julian out.
But if he did that, he might really lose his life!

Vans didn’t dare take that risk.

Yet if Julian continued this way, it seemed Vans wouldn’t have a choice.

Seeing his right hand raised to strike the back of Julian’s neck, Diana hastily intervened and stopped
Vans in time. “Dr. Stanley! He knows about my pregnancy! Don’t do anything rash!”

Diana never thought that Vans would do anything to Julian for her sake; of course, she wouldn’t ignore
it when he was about to dig a hole for himself!

However, Vans was confused by her exclamation.

“He? Who?”

Diana pointed to the man standing beside her, who was also looking at Vans with a smile.

“Then why don’t you run?!” Vans asked, his mind buzzing with all sorts of scenarios of what was

before him.

“Vans, there’s something wrong with your brain, isn’t there?” Julian raised his voice, which was laced
with a

hint of disbelief.

How dare Vans suggest his wife run away? He really was tired of living, wasn’t he?!

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