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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 320

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Chapter 320

Diana knew she couldn’t handle a man like Julian, but she couldn’t help herself from falling in love with
him again. So much so, she was even willing to believe his sweet words of love.

She felt like she had fallen into a web; the more she struggled, the deeper she got entangled.


She didn’t dare to dig deeper into the matter of Kayla.

Forget it.

Diana tossed and turned in bed for a long while before eventually falling asleep.

On the other hand, Julian wasn’t asleep. He went to Diana’s bedroom once more in the middle of the
night. When he saw no light on, he returned to his room.

It seemed she was sleeping well. That meant that Julian could have a good sleep tonight too.

When they woke up the next day, they were both refreshed.

When Mr. Carter saw Diana coming down, he took the initiative and greeted her, “You’re looking good


It seems the medicine Kayla had given him didn’t have any major adverse effects. Perhaps it really was
just a little lesson Kayla wanted to teach Diana.

With that thought in mind, Mr. Carter grew bolder upon thinking about putting the drug in her food again
this morning.

Diana nodded. “You too.”

After a brief chat, Mr. Carter went into the kitchen on the pretext of helping out.

Diana noted that Mr. Carter had been very attentive to her for the past two days. The more she thought
about it, the more amused she felt. She was sure there was more to Mr. Carter’s actions, but he really
was showing her a different side now that her relationship with Julian was different.

Such a person wouldn’t have a hidden dangerous motive. It was fine to have him continue working in
the Fulcher family, right?

Well, it should be fine since Noel was still working at Julian’s side. Besides taking advantage of the
situation, Diana didn’t think that Mr. Carter would do anything dangerous.

She considered her thoughts for a moment before brushing it off.

Mr. Carter pulled out the bowl that Diana had used yesterday. He planned to use the same bowl each
time to

avoid confusion.

He poured the white powder into the bowl and watched it dissolve in the water. Since it was colorless
and odorless, no one would be able to see it.

After doing this with familiar ease, he sent a picture to Kayla.

Kayla replied with a photo of a new antique.

Mr. Carter’s eyes lit up at it, and he replied, [Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to carry out your task perfectly.
No one will know about this!]

He was the Fulcher’s family butler, and he had both experience and title. Usually, he had free reign to
do whatever he wanted. Even though he was taking a long time in the kitchen, the other staff didn’t
dare clamor around him or ask him anything.

Besides, most of the people on the staff had been screened and brought in by him and Kayla. Even if
they saw something, they wouldn’t say anything.

Because of that, pouring the medicine into Diana’s food was easy.

When Mr. Carter saw that Diana had finished her food with the medicine in it for a second time, he left
the dining hall with light steps.

As for Diana, she didn’t feel any discomfort. Soon, it was time for another round of prenatal checkups.
Julian accompanied her as promised.

Van’s eyes widened in fear when he saw the two of them walking into the gynecology department
together, and he turned his gaze toward Diana.

Diana had every intention of scaring him, so she mouthed, “Help me!” at Van.

Van panicked even more at her action, but he didn’t dare to make such a big fuss out of it. His mind
raced as he thought of how to get Julian away from her and let her enter the examination room alone.

“Perhaps we should reschedule the check–up today.”

Julian raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

Vans stood before Julian, blocking the entrance to the department. “I don’t have time to stay. I have a
few surgeries scheduled today.”

Julian narrowed his eyes immediately and said sarcastically, “My wife already has me to accompany
her. Why would we need you?”

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