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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 318

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Chapter 318

According to Madam Fulcher, Kayla saved Julian and gave him hope when he was in the most
confused and pained state in his life.

“Diana…” Julian spoke after a long stretch of silence. “Are you asleep?”


How could she fall asleep after hearing him tell her so many things?

“Then… How about I move back into the bedroom starting tonight?” Julian asked cautiously. “It used to
be our shared bedroom, after all.”

Only, he hadn’t stayed in it for a long time.

“That way, I can take care of you whenever you don’t feel well.”

His statement rang true, but Diana was more convinced that he genuinely wanted to move back to care


If so, why was he so happy to move out before?

There were some things she shouldn’t think about. The moment she did, the scars from her past would
tear open again and hurt her deeply. Diana’s mood plummeted, and she gradually put more distance
between them and rolled to the edge of the carpet.

She got up, walked to the bathroom, and calmly brushed her teeth.

“…Are you angry?” Julian asked.

Diana ignored him and continued brushing her teeth, but she reached out to shut the bathroom door.

Julian was speechless.

He didn’t say anything!

Why was Diana angry?

No. Wait. He must’ve said something wrong.

“It’s not good for pregnant women to be angry,” Julian said as he stood outside the glass door. “If you
don’t want me back in the room, then I won’t move. Don’t be angry, okay?”

Diana rolled her eyes.

Was she angry because he wanted to move back in?

Was she angry because of where he was staying?!

Was she…?

Her face was a little flushed as she spat the toothpaste from her mouth. She felt like rushing outside to
say something to him, but in the end, she didn’t.

Finally, she said, “Yeah. Don’t move.”

Julian was somewhat disappointed when he heard that, but he didn’t argue and simply agreed. “Okay.”

He would listen to her.

When Diana finished washing up, she walked out to see him still standing in her room.

“Why are you still here?”

“I’ll go after you fall asleep,” Julian replied with a straight face. “Just in case you need

She was going to sleep. What help would she need?

Rather, it was inconvenient even to change her clothes with someone in the room.

“No need. You can go.”

Julian, however, insisted. “I’ll wait for you to sleep before I go.”

any help.”

Pregnant women used to say they enjoyed the best treatment and pampering from their spouses only
during the pregnancy, and Diana hadn’t dared to wish for it just the other day.

Julian must have seen her thinking about the past on her face, because he hurried over to comfort her.
Diana felt her heart flutter at the concern and understanding in his eyes.

Finally, she couldn’t resist and said, “I want to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“Have you ever slept with Kayla?“

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