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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 317

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Chapter 317

Diana didn’t have time to laugh at him before Julian gently pulled her down to lie on the carpet with

It was a top–quality cashmere carpet that had been imported from Persia. The price per square meter
of this was enough to buy a small apartment in the city. It was very comfortable, and there wasn’t any
discomfort when lying on it.

Julian had bought this when he learned she was pregnant and was afraid she would fall.

“To be honest, I want daughters.” Julian was in a chatty mood, and he continued talking. “But I’m afraid
that I won’t be able to change my stinky attitude and will influence them. Still, I’ll try my best.”

His face turned grave, and he continued, “Honey, you can supervise me.”

He would never be hot and cold like he had in the past toward Diana. In the future, he would try his
best to express his feelings whenever he wanted to.

Julian’s eyes were affectionate, and his voice was gentle.

Diana was in a daze, and somehow ended up kissing him.

When she pulled back, she panicked and averted her eyes.

“You liar,” Diana said with a pout. “Just now, you said you hoped they’d be boys, but now you’re saying
you hope they’ll be girls.”

“Sons would be nice too,” Julian conceded, looking torn. “I’d like to have sons that take after you,

Julian suddenly cut himself off abruptly.

“What is it?” Diana asked.


“…Don’t get mad if I say it, okay?” Julian said, reaching out as he cradled Diana’s head in the crook of
his arm, pulling them close to each other.

“I won’t,” Diana said, her heart feeling content and secure.

She felt even more assured than in the past three years, and spoke in a light voice, “Tell me.”

Julian held her tighter and said, “Actually, I wish they’d be girls, but my family has never had any luck
with daughters…”

His grandmother had experienced it, and so had his parents.

Madam Fulcher had wanted a daughter, and his parents had also wanted to give him a sister. Yet,
something happened to both generations after that.

“I’m a little superstitious when it comes to this,” Julian confessed, bringing his deceased parents in front
of Diana for the very first time. “I always feel like something will happen to you if I said I wanted girls.
But the babies in your belly are our children, and I don’t want them to bring you misfortune.”

After saying that, he sneered, “Am I not a bad daddy? Cursing his own children that they’d bring bad
luck to their Mommy…”

“That’s not cursing them,” Diana said quickly, and leaned more into his arms. “Whether our babies are

or girls, they’ll be safe and sound.”

Her declaration held an inexplicable firmness and strength, and it gradually quieted the doubts in


This was the real reason he had hoped their children would be boys.

Diana could sense his nervousness and anxiety, so she said warmly, “Tell me about your parents.”

This was the first time they talked about Julian’s deceased parents.

“They died when I was four. To many kids, that was still an age where they don’t remember much,”
Julian started. “But I remember clearly… Their faces, their movements when they died in the car
accident… They also talked about giving me a sister before the end of the year…”

After that, Julian also told her many of his interesting childhood stories. However, those were all

old. from before his parents passed away; when he was about three to four years

He barely remembered anything before that and only had a vague recollection of his parent’s smiles,
but not actually what happened back then.

“What happened after the age of four?” Diana asked.

“After four…” Julian’s voice suddenly turned dark, and a gloomy look flashed across his face for a
moment, indicating that the years after were filled with vicissitudes.

Yet it was over quickly, and Diana heard him laugh softly before answering, “I don’t remember.”

His laughter this time was completely unlike the previous one, where it was clear and free. Instead, it
was filled with a sense of helplessness.

There were some things he definitely remembered, but he wasn’t willing to talk about them.

Diana thought of what Madam Fulcher had mentioned before, about the hard times Julian had as a
child. Her heart ached again.

Right now, she felt like she could even forgive Kayla’s existence.

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