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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 316

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Chapter 316

This intimacy between Diana and Julian was long overdue.

At first, Julian was in disbelief. On the two occasions when he had kissed her on the cheek, he had
been apprehensive as he thought she might push him away.

To his surprise, Diana actually took the initiative to kiss him.

He responded quickly and took control. It was until they stopped that Diana asked breathlessly,
“Weren’t we…discussing the children’s gender?”

Why did it suddenly…

Why did they suddenly start…?

Oh, she couldn’t even say the words in her mind! It was embarrassing!

Julian laughed brightly. It had been a long time since he had felt so free. It felt like even the wind was
afraid of disturbing his peace, as it remained silent outside the window.

His laughter rang clearly through the hall, and it was pleasing to the ears.

“We were indeed. But I see you couldn’t resist, so I indulged you.”

Diana was speechless. This two–faced man!

He was obviously the one who had started it by saying those words! He made it sound as if she was
the one who took the initiative without being prompted. Did he set her up for this? Was he laughing at
her foolishness? She even felt heartbroken for him for a moment!

“I wasn’t joking about that,” Julian said.

When he saw the sorrow on her face, he immediately sobered up and turned serious; the unmistakable
charm of a mature man radiated from him.

He placed Diana on the ground and pressed his ear to her stomach.

Looking at the top of his head, Diana could feel his cautiousness and anticipation, and her happiness
became even more tangible. She felt like warm arms had wrapped around her and held her close.
Without noticing it, she was smiling.

“Silly,” Diana said softly, placing a hand on his head. “You can’t hear anything yet. If you want to feel
any movement, you’ll probably have to wait till the seventh month or later.”

“I’m sure I can feel something.”

This man, who was usually so rational and logical, was actually lying on her belly and trying his best to
hear something that wasn’t there yet.

Soon, Diana heard him speaking to her belly.

“It’s not that Daddy doesn’t like girls. Daddy just likes Mommy so much,” Julian said, repeating the
words he had used earlier and reiterating his fondness for Diana. Now that he had gotten his feelings
off his chest, seemed like the words had become much easier to repeat; he would say it as many times
as he liked.


“Daddy wants to use cloning science to make more copies of Mommy.”

After saying that, he snickered to himself.

Diana listened to his sweet words and didn’t interrupt him, so he continued, “But if you two really are
girls and take after me, Daddy…”

Julian trailed off. Diana strained her ears in case she missed it, but then he said, “Daddy will…try to
change. his stinky temper and try to be more like Mommy. I’ll have set a good example of what you
should look for in

after all. But wait… No.” your future spouses,

He turned grave. “You can’t marry out. I’ll find some boys who will marry into our family instead.”

Diana was speechless.

The children had yet to be born, and they weren’t even sure they would be girls!

Besides, Julian had said he hoped they would be boys. Diana initially thought it was because he didn’t
like girls; it turned out that he actually had a daughter–complex!

They weren’t even born yet, and here he was, already worried about their marriage!

“Don’t worry,” Julian said, still crouched on the ground. He looked up and grinned goofily at Diana.
“Their daddy has lots of money and can care for them all their lives. No one will be allowed to bully my

As soon as he said that, his usual cold and slightly murderous aura radiated off him in waves. Like a
switch that had turned on, he instantly looked the image of a mad guardian guarding his precious

Diana felt like he would soon lose his mind if he kept overthinking things.

“Okay, that’s enough. Let’s not discuss their genders anymore, okay?”

She stood up and was dumbfounded when she tried to pull him to his feet, but he remained on the

“Come on. Let’s get you off the ground, alright?”

Julian was too tall and heavy for her to lift.

“…I can’t move,” Julian said with a straight face as he pointed at his legs.

Diana panicked briefly, thinking something was wrong. She almost called for help when he continued
calmly, “My legs are numb.”

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