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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 314

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Chapter 314

“Sure,” Julian replied easily.

Seeing that Diana was really embarrassed, he stopped teasing her and took the bowl of soup Mr.
Carter handed him.

It was Greek lemon soup, which was especially good for pregnant women. He had checked the recipe
personally and asked the chef to make it.

When Julian took the bowl, Mr. Carter’s heart was on edge. He was afraid Julian would keep that bowl
for himself. Fortunately, the bowl with the drug in it eventually reached Diana.

She took a sip. “It tastes good.”

Soon, the bowl was empty.

Mr. Carter breathed a sigh of relief inwardly, and relaxed.

“Please enjoy your dinner, sir, ma’am. Feel free to call me if you need anything else.”

When Julian heard this, he raised his brows and shot Mr. Carter a sharp look.

All of a sudden, Mr. Carter felt like there were thousands of knives above his head. The pressure was
so intense that he almost couldn’t lift his head. He couldn’t think of what to say in this situation, and
prayed fervently that Julian couldn’t tell what was on his mind.

“Have you been overworked lately, Mr. Carter?”

Mr. Carter froze. “N–No, Sir.”

“If you’re tired, you can always request leave from me,” Julian said, turning away slowly.

It was rare to see Julian speaking in such a slow and intimidating manner. It meant that he was a little

Mr. Carter didn’t understand what he had done to annoy Julian, and he didn’t dare to ask. He simply
nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, sir.”

After Mr. Carter left, Diana asked, “Why are you acting like this with Mr. Carter?”

It was strange and scary to see Julian with such a cold look.

“It’s nothing,” Julian said, not wanting to talk about how he felt at the moment.

There was something strange going on with Mr. Carter. But since he was one of the oldest people in
the Fulcher family and also Noel’s father, Julian shook off those thoughts.

“Maybe it’s just I’m not in a good mood lately. I won’t do it again.”

Julian saw the shock on Diana’s face; he softened his voice and added, “I’ll listen to my wife.”

Oh my god! The words that came from this man’s mouth could literally kill someone with its sweetness.

Diana’s heart pounded wildly in her chest. Suddenly, she thought about what she and Madam Fulcher
had talked about the previous night. She couldn’t help but say, “Julian…”


“Do you prefer boys or girls?”

Julian answered without hesitation, “I like both.”

“Just pick one,” Diana insisted. “They’re identical twins, so they’ll be the same gender.”

It was unlikely that they would be twins of different genders, as Madam Fulcher had hoped for.
However, Diana hadn’t wanted to burst the older woman’s bubble, so she hadn’t corrected Madam

Today, though, she wanted a definite answer from the man before her.

Julian put down the cutlery in his hand and considered it. “Boys, I guess.”

Diana felt a pang of disappointment. “Don’t you like girls?”

What if her babies weren’t boys?

Would Julian hurt them…?

Before she could think any further, Julian raised his hand and rapt her smartly on the side of her head.

“Don’t think up nonsense with that little head of yours,” he said, obviously seeing how her thoughts
were quickly going in the wrong direction.

His voice was strangely hypnotizing and felt pleasing to Diana’s ears. The mellow tone was enough to
calm her heart unconsciously, and she couldn’t help but smile shyly.

“How did you know what I was thinking?”

“It’s in the way you looked at me,” Julian said, hesitating about continuing what was on his mind.



she looked at him was exactly the same as the time he had forced her into the operating theater.

He swallowed those words and instead said, “It’s easy to tell at a glance when you have that look on.”

Diana was speechless. Then, could he tell how disappointed she was when he said he hoped the
babies would be boys?

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