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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 313

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Chapter 313

When Julian and Diana arrived home that night, Noel approached Julian to talk about something.
Whatever it was, Noel’s complexion didn’t look too good.

Diana wanted to ask, but thought better of it. If it was something related to Kayla, it would be awkward.

Their relationship right now was as fragile as thin ice on the surface of a river. It seemed transparent
and open, but in fact, it couldn’t withstand any impact and no one could properly see what was in the

Nothing had occurred at the moment, because no one had tried to step on it yet.

Diana sighed inwardly, trying not to think about Kayla as she sat at the dining table for dinner.

Mr. Carter glanced at her, then brought out a bowl of soup.

“Would you like some soup, ma’am?” Mr. Carter asked, as though he was going to serve it to Diana

Even though Mr. Carter was a servant of the Fulcher family, he didn’t need to do these things himself.
However, Diana seemed to understand something when she remembered how coldly Mr. Carter had
treated her. Perhaps he saw that Julian and she had made up and tried to make up for the times Mr.

mistreated her.

The old butler was a man who adjusted and adapted to the situation before him.

He was quite different from his son, Noel.

Diana had never realized that Mr. Carter was that kind of person. Regardless, Mr. Carter was an elderly
in the Fulcher family, so she shouldn’t be rude.

So, she smiled gently, wanting to assure the older man that she bore him no ill will. “Yes, please. Thank

Mr. Carter smiled, but as soon as he turned away, displeasure flashed in his eyes.

Hah! She really thought herself to be the mistress of this household once he called her ‘ma’am‘, didn’t

And she even asked him to serve her?!

Diana really was a hillbilly from the countryside. As the saying goes, a leopard can’t change its spots!

When Mr. Carter thought about that, he couldn’t help but feel that it was unfair to Kayla. Looking at the
bowl in his hand, contempt welled up in him. He had already added the medicine Kayla had given him
to this bowl.

He had taken the first step in carrying out Kayla’s task.

“That bowl looks quite special,” Julian commented from where he sat at the table, glancing at the bowl
in Mr. Carter’s hand.

Julian’s gaze pierced the old man, and Mr. Carter shivered. “Y–yes…”

“I–It’s a new set,” Mr. Carter stammered slightly. “I unpacked it especially for ma’am today.”

Julian felt something strange, but brushed it off immediately. “I see. Well, let me use the same set too.”

He wanted to use the same things Diana used.

“So childish,” Diana teased, a smile stretching on her lips.

A quiet and warm atmosphere had settled quietly at the table, as if they had returned to the years
before Kayla appeared when their relationship was still happy and sweet.

As if trying to argue with her, Julian said, “So what if I’m childish?”

As he spoke, he stood from the chair and sat next to Diana. “I’m not only going to use the same bowl
as you, I’ll also eat next to you.”

He picked up his spoon and asked Diana to open her mouth. “Nope. I’m also going to feed you.”

Most of the servants in the household were newcomers, and many hadn’t seen such a peaceful scene

between the two before. Many envious glances were exchanged, and whispers of how sweet Julian
was being floated around the hall.

“Oh my, Mr. Fulcher is so sweet to Mrs. Fulcher!”

“They look so perfect next to each other!”

“I wish I could be as blessed as her to have such a considerate husband!”

When Diana heard the whispers, she kicked Julian underneath the table.

“Enough! It’s embarrassing.”

It wasn’t like she didn’t have hands. She could feed herself!

Julian remained silent, but he kept his dark eyes on her. The room light lit up his face, highlighting his
lean and strong jawline; Diana’s thoughts wandered as she studied his handsome face.

She gradually felt her face flush, and unconsciously wanted to look away. But at that moment, Julian
suddenly leaned forward and pressed a hard kiss on her lips.

The sound from it was loud and clear, echoing in the silent room.

Everyone present could tell what had just happened.

The stares became even more intense, and Diana was thoroughly embarrassed.

“Julian!” she exclaimed, bashful and angry. “Can you eat your food properly?!”

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