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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 312

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Chapter 312

Either way, Julian and Diana’s love for each other right now didn’t seem equal.

Madam Fulcher had lived a long life and experienced a lot. She didn’t need to focus on business
anymore, but she still needed to consider her grandchildren’s happiness.

In Madam Fulcher’s eyes, Diana was the best match for Julian. There wouldn’t be anyone better than
her, and Madam Fulcher hoped the two would live well together.

It would be best if Diana never needed to use the depth of consideration Madam Fulcher had given her.

Diana turned sorrowful once more upon recalling what Madam Fulcher said about how she was unsure
when she would leave this world, and finally sighed.

“Okay. I’ll sign it,” Diana said, looking up with bright and slightly damp eyes, though there was a
positive light shining through them. “But you have to promise me one thing.”

Madam Fulcher smiled. “What is it?”

“You must live a long life!” Diana exclaimed, her hands shaking slightly that the pen almost fell from her
hand. “No matter what happens, you must live well, okay?”

Her words greatly touched madam Fulcher. “Sometimes, I truly believe that all of us Fulchers aren’t
worthy of this beautiful and kind heart of yours, you know?”

They were all so used to being calculative and petty.

It was a habit that had been ingrained into them.

Unknowingly, they had lost the naive innocence Diana still held.

Who could guarantee that Madam Fulcher would live a long life?

It wasn’t something that could be done just by talking about it. Except for Diana, no one else would say
these things to her. Not even Julian would, as he was more rational in his thinking.

It was easy to admit that Diana’s wish pleased Madam Fulcher greatly.

“Of course. I promise you!”

Diana lit up immediately at the older woman’s words, and she extended her pinky to Madam Fulcher as
she said, “Live long and prosper!”

“Live long and prosper!”

At the same time, Diana’s name was added to the share certificate.

From then on, ten percent of Fulcher Inc.’s shares secretly exchanged hands.

With the ten percent shares now in Diana’s name, it was undeniable that she felt more secure and
confident. However, she didn’t intend to let up on her work. Whenever she thought about the shares,
she only thought about how loved she was and how she knew that someone always had her back.

Perhaps that was what being family was all about.

Diana touched her baby bump as she sat at her cubicle, praying from the bottom of her heart that her
babies would experience the love and happiness as she had now.

It was a day of work that left her face full of smiles. As she was feeling happy, she agreed to Julian’s
request to pick her up from work, but told him to ensure he stopped at the intersection a little away from
the office as she didn’t want to cause trouble at her workplace.

Julian agreed. Once she got into the car, he observed her mood and deemed it safe to ask, “What did
Grandma talk to you about last night?”

“It’s just about the s-” Diana suddenly recalled Madam Fulcher’s words, and quickly stopped. “It’s a

Julian smiled. “Alright. Since it’s a secret.”

As long as Madam Fulcher and Diana were happy, he would let them do anything they wanted.

Without probing further, Julian pulled up the calendar on his tablet. “Shall I follow you for your maternity
checkup the day after tomorrow?”

Nina used to accompany Diana for her checkups, but Diana would often feel wistful when she saw
other pregnant women with their husbands in tow at the hospital.

Back then, she dared not envy those women because she always had to be on guard for fear that her
husband would hurt her babies. But now, everything had changed; Julian wouldn’t do such cruel things
to her.


Diana was also eager to see the changes in her babies together with him.

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