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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 310

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 310

“Julian’s done many wrong things, and I don’t know if he’ll do it again in the future. I’m old, and it won’t
be long until I’m no longer around.”

“No, that won’t happen!” Diana interrupted loudly. “Grandma, that won’t happen!”

How could Madam Fulcher die?

She wouldn’t!

However, Diana knew that the day would come even if she didn’t want to accept it. The mere thought of
it was too much for her to bear, and tears flowed down her face.

Madam Fulcher also sniffed, clearly affected by Diana’s emotions. She took Diana into her arms and
hushed Diana, “Don’t cry, silly girl. I’m still here.”

She gently patted Diana’s back, as if comforting a child. “Shh, it’s okay. I’m here…”

However, like a broken dam, Diana’s tears flowed without stopping. She cried for everything she hadn’t

Her birth parents wanted to marry her off to an old scum and kept pestering her about her divorce to
make her unhappy. In contrast, this old woman, who wasn’t even related to her by blood, was always

considerate. Now, Madam Fulcher was even helping her to make sure she had something to fall back
on if things went south.

Perhaps it was because the contrast between the two parties was too strong, Diana felt sadder the
more she thought about it.

“Grandma…” she whimpered.

“Shh, it’s okay,” Madam Fulcher said kindly. “Don’t cry. It won’t be good for your babies if you keep this

“I was bad,” Diana said, now truly grateful that Julian had retracted the divorce and prompted her to tell
Madam Fulcher about her pregnancy. “Knowing that your heart desired to see me pregnant and to see
Julian and my baby, I still kept it from you for so long. I’m so sorry.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for.”

Though Madam Fulcher had a head full of white hair and was getting on in her age, her eyes were filled
with vigor when she looked at Diana. “The only person you need to apologize to is yourself.”

Madam Fulcher believed that with Diana’s attitude, the latter must’ve deliberately hidden all the

she had gone through until now.

“You must accept the shares I’ve given you. This is the insurance I can give you, regardless of your
relationship with Julian,” Madam Fulcher emphasized. “It’s not for the children you’re carrying. It’s for

No matter what happens, Diana would never shortchange her children.

Rather, she would do it to herself.

As such, Madam Fulcer was concerned Diana would think that way.

“Grandma…” Diana was even more touched, and she couldn’t say anything else through her tears.

What had she done in her life to deserve such generous favor from the old woman sitting before her?

“Back then…” Madam Fulcher saw that Diana was not about to stop crying soon, so she said, “When
you first married Julian, I had my reasons for allowing it.”

She then briefly told Diana about how she had used some methods to prompt Kayla to leave the

it in her eyes. If she had

“I couldn’t bring myself to like that woman. She was very calculative, and I could really married Julian,
I’d be afraid for the rest of his life. I didn’t expect you to appear out of the blue, and for Julian to marry

“I was thrilled when I met you. I felt that if one day you were unhappy with your life where my silly
grandson didn’t protect you, you’d still have me.”

After all, Diana was a good child.

Madam Fulcher had met many people, and she could see at a glance that Diana had always been
sincere toward Julian and her, and wasn’t simply trying to steal the family’s fortune.

“Because you were good, I’m good to you,” Madam Fulcher said, handing Diana a tissue. “You’re an
expecting mother, so don’t cry anymore, okay?”

Diana dried her tears, and only then did she gradually stop crying. As she calmed down, she mulled
over Madam Fulcher’s words again before asking, “Is it true you were the one who prompted Kayla to
leave the country in the first place?”


Now that things were already at this point, Madam Fulcher wasn’t afraid about Julian finding out about
it. Besides, she also knew that Diana wouldn’t tell him. After all, Diana was a smart girl.

“Initially, she was a little hesitant. However, I said some things that convinced her to go abroad.”

Madam Fulcher hadn’t expected to create an opportunity for Diana and Julian to meet back then.

It was an unexpected turn of events.

Still, it was one that delighted Madam Fulcher.

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