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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 309

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Chapter 309

Madam Fulcher looked up in the sky and said proudly, “I look up to the sky whenever I miss him, then I
stop. That old man must think he misses me more than I do him, staring down at me all day.”

Though Madam Fulcher never mentioned loving him in the sentence, every word she said was filled
with her

affection for him.

Diana listened with envy, feeling a little emotional. She inwardly lamented and wondered if she would
have the chance to be like Madam Fulcher in this life; to be so sure and confident in each other’s love.

Even when life and death separated the old couple, Madam Fulcher still lived in the time of being loved.

Diana’s nose was sore, and her eyes gradually reddened.

Madam Fulcher realized that the mood had gotten heavy. She didn’t want the pregnant Diana to be
depressed with her, so she quickly changed the topic and placed her hand carefully on Diana’s
stomach. “I was wondering why your taste was so different than before, and if the reason behind that
was that you were pregnant. Who would’ve thought it was true? And with twins, no less! That’s double
the happiness!”

Diana knew Madam Fulcher was genuinely elated and was looking forward to the birth of her babies.
The more people loved her babies, the happier Diana was.

She reached out for Madam Fulcher’s hand and said sweetly, “It’s okay. They can’t feel anything yet, so

don’t have to be so careful.”

Madam Fulcher obviously knew this, but she was still cautious. “With twins, you’ll probably have a

time after the fourth month.”

Diana could tell that Madam Fulcher was going to fuss over her. The latter was happy that Diana was
pregnant, but was also worried about her health at the same time.

Though they weren’t related by blood, in Diana’s heart, Madam Fulcher had taken the place of her true


She leaned against Madam Fulcher and said, “It’s okay, Grandma. It’ll be hard work, but it’ll be a happy

Especially now that she didn’t need to worry about hiding it from Julian, or worry about their safety; it
was safe to say that things were going smoothly.

“I was also in the same state as you when I was pregnant with Julian’s father,” Madam Fulcher said

This was the first time Madam Fulcher had mentioned Julian’s parents; though Diana wanted to ask
questions, she quickly swallowed the words when she saw the grief in the old woman’s eyes.

Losing her son at such a young age would forever pain her.

After that, the two turned to lighter topics, chatting more about the babies and Diana’s pregnancy.
Before they knew it, they were already at the old manor.

Madam Fulcher exited the car first, then opened the car door for Diana.

“Take it easy.”

Madam Fulcher clearly needed more care, but she still prioritized Diana.

Diana felt warmed by the old woman’s concern. She was certain she had made the right decision to
make up with Julian and not bring up the divorce anymore.

At least this way, she could still spend more time with her grandmother.

“I asked you to come over tonight because I wanted to give you something,” Madam Fulcher said as
she led Diana inside and straight into the study.

She shuffled the papers on her desk for a while before pulling out a file and handing it to Diana. “Here,
take a


“This is…!”

Diana panicked after skimming through the contents, and tried to hand the file back to Madam Fulcher.
“I–I can’t accept this!”

“It’s only Fulcher Inc.’s shares,” Madam Fulcher said. Her tone was light, but it felt like a hammer
beating against Diana’s heart.

Shares of Fulcher Inc.!

The famous


of companies, Fulcher Inc.!

Even if one only had one percent of the stock, it was enough to live a life without worry!

It was the largest business empire, and even those who were wealthy couldn’t so easily reach the

Fulcher Inc. had.

And here Madam Fulcher was, casually transferring these shares under Diana’s name.

How could Diana accept such a valuable gift?

“I really can’t accept this.”

“You must,” Madam Fulcher insisted, a grave look on her face. “I’m not giving you a choice. I’m giving
you ten percent of the shares.”

Madam Fulcher was already confident that she had picked the right person, but the frightened look on
Diana’s face only heightened that confidence. She sighed and added, “I know you’re not a greedy
person, and that you wouldn’t ask for something like this. I didn’t mean it that way by giving you these

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