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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 308

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Chapter 308

“No, she isn’t,” Julian replied, and he couldn’t help but smile at the look on his grandmother’s face. “As
always, you know better.”

He didn’t know how he had fallen for her lies back then. It had been quite a bad one. Perhaps he was

an idiot in love.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have realized it so late.

Madam Fulcher could tell that Julian’s mood took a plunge when she brought up this matter. Tere must
be something in the misunderstanding that she wasn’t aware about.

In the end, she didn’t want to get too involved in their affairs. She only wanted to care for the people
who were precious to her, so she didn’t continue being petty with Julian and instead said, “Think about
how you’re going to make it up to her and love her from now on. It’s best to be like your grandfather, so
that Diana will still think of you as much as I think of your grandfather after you die.”

Julian was speechless. Was there any other grandmother out in the world who would curse their
grandson to die?

Madam Fulcher seemed to have read his mind, and the corners of her lips quirked upwards. “Don’t
worry. I’ll curse you again so you won’t die early.”

Julian, bewildered, couldn’t help but blurt out, “What?”

The smile on Madam Fulcher’s face widened, and she continued in a somewhat solemn manner, “As

unpredictable as a tortoise you are, I hope you live on as long as one.”

Julian was speechless. The old woman had gone around in circles, but wasn’t she simply cursing him
at the end?

But since Madam Fulcher was probably taking out Diana’s anger for her, he remained silent. Well, it
was fine

as long as both women were happy.

Diana had a change of clothes in her hand and was laughing as she approached them, clearly having

the tail end of the conversation.

“Let’s go, Grandma. Leave this tortoise at home here, okay?”

Julian scoffed. “Then what’s in your belly?”

Tortoise eggs?

“Shut up.” Diana realized she had said the wrong thing, but reached up to twist Julian’s ear instead of
punishing herself. “Stop that nonsense!”

Julian was at a loss for words. He hadn’t been the one to start it!

It was the two of them!

Why was he the consistent target tonight?

Amazingly, the ear Diana had twisted didn’t hurt. He didn’t feel annoyed at her scolding; rather, a
sweetness lingered in the air. It was as sweet as honey as it slowly trickled into his heart.

His lips spread into a smile, an

Diana kept looking at him from the rearview mirror until he was out of sight after the car turned a
corner, and only then did she look away.

Madam Fulcher patted her hand, a wistful expression of someone who had once been in the same
position. ” It’s better to leave them hanging sometimes.”

Diana smiled. “You’re full of wisdom, Grandma.”

“Of course!” Madam Fulcher said, lifting her chin up proudly. “Back then, I always played hard to get
with my late husband!”

She clenched her fist, waving it in the air, and said, “Then I held him firmly in my palms!”

Madam Fulcher was especially joyful every time she spoke of her late husband, and Diana couldn’t
help but say, “You and Grandpa must have had a great relationship.”

Madam Fulcher suddenly turned quiet.

After a long time, she finally looked up again, and Diana saw that Madam Fulcher was crying. Realizing
she had said the wrong thing, Diana hurriedly amended her words. “Grandma, I wasn’t thinking-”

“I know.” Madam Fulcher suddenly sounded so old and fragile. She looked out the car window, not
answering Diana’s previous question. Rather, she whispered in a soft voice, “I just miss him.”

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