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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 296

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Chapter 296

As expected, Diana didn’t refute Julian once he said those words.

In the end, she still hoped that her babies would receive more love. Even if Julian’s fatherly love for
them wouldn’t be felt after they were born, she would at least have something to tell them about their
father when they grew up.

The room was silent. Only their breathing could be heard, and Diana slowly dozed off. She didn’t know
how long Julian kept up the massage, but when she next woke, she could feel that his movements had

She guessed that giving someone a massage could also be quite tiring.

“Why don’t you take a rest?” Diana said, glancing up at him. She was a little ashamed that she had
fallen into such a deep sleep. “I’m not that tired.”

Julian didn’t cease his movements, but said, “Have you thought about what I suggested yesterday? Do
you want to know the solution?”

Was he talking about a solution that could satisfy everyone?

The soothing motions of Julian’s hands softened subconsciously softened Diana’s heart. If there really
was such a solution, that would be great.

“Well, we might as well talk about it.”

If she had turned around at that moment, she would have caught sight of the sly smile on his face.
However, she missed it because her head was lowered in contemplation.

Julian slowly shifted his hands and started massaging her temples unhurriedly. “It’s simple. If we don’t
get a divorce, you can safely have the babies. It’ll make Grandma happy, too. You don’t have to hide it
from her, and you don’t have to feel guilty anymore.”

To put it mildly, it was a simple and effective solution that satisfied all parties.

But Diana wasn’t focused on that. Her head was spinning, and she only focused on one part of his
words. Thinking she had misheard, she asked, “Don’t get…a divorce?”

What? How was that possible?

She knew Julian was still waiting to sever ties with her so that he could marry Kayla.

But there was no mistaking it when his deep voice replied, “Yes.”

Julian nodded, his voice drifting into her ears. “Diana… Let’s not divorce, okay?”

He was formally, sincerely begging her to stay in his world.

However, Diana only found it absurd and ridiculous.

“Are you alright, Julian?”

Julian was the one who said he wanted to get married, and he was the one who said he wanted a
divorce after three beautiful years of marriage.

And now, he was being flippant again by saying they don’t need to get a divorce?


“No, it’s not okay!” Diana suddenly jumped up and glared at him angrily.

Her reaction was even bigger than when Julian had mentioned getting a divorce. He was utterly
bewildered. The man who always spoke smoothly, and in an authoritative manner to boot, actually
stumbled over his words as he tried to calm her. “D–Don’t… Don’t get worked up. Sit down, okay?”

He was worried about harming the babies in her belly.

Diana had dared to team up with Vans to lie to him and even concealed this fact from Madam Fulcher.
It proved that the babies were very important to Diana, and Julian didn’t want anything to happen to


He felt he would never have a chance to confess his feelings or bare his heart to her ever again.

Now, he valued both Diana and the babies.

The babies were the fruit of their love.

Diana also seemed to realize it was bad for the babies if she got too agitated, so she took a few deep
breaths to calm herself. She had recently been easily irritated or emotional, and it was probably related
to her


Seeing how at a loss Julian was, it was enough to calm her slowly.

However, his next words gave her the urge to blow up again.

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