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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 307

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Chapter 307

When Madam Fulcher noticed this, she hurriedly released Diana.

Diana was comforting Madam Fulcher, and she hadn’t expected Julian to come forward to hug her so
suddenly. She gave Madam Fulcher an embarrassed smile and poked Julian gently before whispering,‘
What’s wrong?”

It took a full minute for Julian to gather himself enough to speak. “That pregnancy test… I should’ve
seen it earlier. And back then at the factory, the words I said…I…”

“It’s okay,” Diana said softly with a smile. She seemed to understand once she heard his words and the
pain in his voice, so she gently patted him on the back as she had done with Madam Fulcher just
moments ago.” It’s all in the past.”

Julian shook his head. The words were stuck in his throat.

It wasn’t so simple to brush it off!

He would do everything in his power to make up for all the hurt he had inflicted on her. He would also
keep his pain deep in his heart and never forget it. It would serve as a reminder for him to treat Diana
and the babies well, regardless of what happens.

Diana was his one true love as well as his precious family.

“Okay, that’s enough.” Madam Fulcher couldn’t watch anymore and slapped Julian on the back, hard.
“I’ve finished my prayer, and you’re still acting all lovey–dovey.”

She pulled Diana to her side and waved her hand dismissively, gesturing for Julian to go about his
business, and said, “It’s enough for Diana to send me home.”

“What? How could I let her go alone?” After what happened with Luke Pabian, Julian still had a
lingering fear, so he took Diana’s safety seriously.

“Why not?” Madam Fulcher said, clearly wanting to roll her eyes.

She used to not worry so much about this grandson of hers, as he and Diana were attached at the hip
and had a good relationship. Then Kayla made her appearance and broke this balance. And especially
after what happened at the hospital….

Madam Fulcher felt that she was also at fault for Diana’s suffering.

“Luckily that fake abortion didn’t get rid of your babies,” Madam Fulcher said, and her eyes welled up
with tears again. “I’m so sorry, Diana. Thank you… Thank you for protecting my great–grandchildren.”

Diana knew that the abortion had left Madam Fulcher feeling extremely guilty. This time, she was able
to wipe out that guilt with the good news of her pregnancy, which helped Madam Fulcher ease that

“It’s my duty to protect them,” Diana said easily before poking Julian. “Him, on the other hand… You
have to keep an eye on him, Grandma, and never let him hurt my babies or me again.”

“Of course!” Madam Fulcher exclaimed, wiping her tears away and giving Julian a fierce glare. “Come,
Diana. Stay over at my place today. I’ll send you back here tomorrow.”

Diana was observant enough to know that Madam Fulcher had something to tell her, which was why


suggested that.

Nodding her head obediently, she said, “Okay. I’ll pack an overnight bag.”


Madam Fulcher gave her a gentle look, but it turned dark the moment Diana left their sight. She turned
her sharp eyes on Julian and looked at him like he was an enemy she was about to tear apart.

Julian was between laughter and tears at the old woman’s gaze, and he stuttered, “G–Grandma…”

“How dare you speak!” Madam Fulcher hissed, infuriated. The more she looked at him, the more she
was tempted to hit him with her cane. “I get scared the more I think about it! If you had really gone
through with it accidentally last time, you would’ve…you would have…!”

The words were so cruel that she couldn’t even say them, and her anger toward Julian rose ever more
because of it.

“How could you have done so in the first place?!”

Whether it had been jealousy, possession, or anything else, he still shouldn’t have done such a thing to


But Julian, who had been confused back then, now knew the reason as it became clearer to him. “If I
could turn back time to the day I forced Diana into the operation theater…I would do the same thing

Madam Fulcher almost felt her blood pressure rising from the rage boiling under her skin. She even
raised her hand, poised to slap this foolish child before her, when she suddenly heard him whisper in a

barely he suddenly heard him whisper in a barely audible voice, “I couldn’t stand it… I couldn’t stand
thinking she had been intimate with another man.”

Especially if it had resulted in her getting pregnant.

Madam Fulcher slowly lowered her hand, disbelief and protectiveness flashing through her angry face.”
Another man? Did you think Diana was that kind of woman?!”

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