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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 306

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Chapter 306

Having said that, Diana thought about it for a while before adding, “Also, we have another good news
to share with you today.”

Madam Fulcher lit up at Diana’s words. “Oh? What is it?”

“You’ll know after dinner,” Diana said cheekily.

It was good timing for Madam Fulcher to have come here today. Diana had decided that there was no
need to keep her pregnancy a secret anymore. Plus, letting Madam Fulcher know about it would serve
as a deterrent to Julian and urge him to deal with Kayla quickly.

Julian could already guess what Diana planned to inform Madam Fulcher, and he raised both hands to
support what she wanted to do. From his point of view, letting his grandmother know about Diana’s
pregnancy would improve the bond between him and Diana and might make her feel more secure in
their newly repaired relationship.

During dinner, Julian and Diana kept exchanging glances. To Madam Fulcher, it seemed like they were
constantly flirting. The way they acted was so sickly sweet, she almost felt like she had a toothache.

Without Kayla living here, the two got along surprisingly well. Madam Fulcher was pleased enough to
enjoy a second helping of dinner.

However, she didn’t expect to hear even more delightful news after the meal.

“Grandma, here.” Diana returned to the living room with her pregnancy test slip from her first checkup.

The sheet was crumpled; it was the same one she had wanted to show Julian from the very start.
Unfortunately, she never had the chance to do so.

The child had only been a small sac and had no heartbeat then. Even on the ultrasound sheet, it was
only a tiny black hole.

Now, there was not only one heartbeat, but two.

Diana felt amazed the more she thought about it, and hurriedly passed the sheet to Madam Fuclher.

Madam Fulcher seemed to have recognized the sheet; she had one hand on her chest as she
accepted it from Diana, disbelief written all over her face. After looking at it for a solid five minutes, she
finally looked up with reddened eyes and shaking hands.

“I–is…is this real…?”

Diana nodded. “Yes!”

Then, she pulled out the latest ultrasound sheet and handed it to Madam Fulcher. “Look at this one.”

When Madam Fulcher studied the latest one, she couldn’t stop herself from jumping out of her seat and
hugging Diana in sheer joy. “Twins?! You’re having twins?”

“Yes!” Diana was afraid Madam Fulcher’s blood pressure would rise too high in her excitement, so she
kept patting the latter’s back to try to calm her down. “Let’s sit down and talk, okay?”

However, Madam Fulcher refused. She kept a tight hold on Diana; Diana wondered if she was crying,
as there

was a slight tremor to her frame.

Diana could also hear Madam Fulcher whispering her late husband’s name, and wondered that
perhaps she was impatient to share this news with him.

With that thought in mind, Diana didn’t attempt to call out to Madam Fulcher anymore. Instead, she
looked to Julian, hoping that he could persuade his grandmother to calm down as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, Julian didn’t get her cue.

Rather, his eyes were fixed on the crumpled pregnancy test sheet.

Every ultrasound printed the date and time, and he could vividly remember that he had demanded
Diana for a divorce the very same date of the first ultrasound.

What exactly…had he done to her?

He suddenly recalled that she had looked like she wanted to say something back then, and he finally
understood how cruel he had been to her that day.

His entire body suddenly started to ache, especially his heart and brain; it felt like there wasn’t enough
air going into his lungs.

He kept his gaze fixed on the test sheet, finally experiencing the pain Diana had suffered all this time.

He was also having a hard time speaking. He wanted to say something… Anything! And yet, he

It felt like all the air in his lungs had been sucked out forcefully. He looked at Diana with a sorrowful
gaze; just like how Diana had looked at him back then.

Slowly, the sorrow turned into heartache.

Then, Julian stepped forward and reached out to hug Diana.

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