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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 305

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Chapter 305

Actions without deeper intentions were only deliberate attempts to replicate the sweet affection
between Diana and Julian in the past, but that wasn’t necessary.

If their feelings for each other were real, there wasn’t a need to purposely try to replicate things. As
long as the two of them were connected in their hearts, that would be more than enough.

Who cooked or who made drinks for the other… These things didn’t matter. The important fact was that
the two hearts were together, looking forward to the future and willing to brave the path ahead together.

After all, they had both matured from recent experiences.

Julian looked at Diana and felt a surge of warmth flow through him. Moving toward her, he leaned
against her and dropped his head on her shoulder. Like a puppet with its strings cut, he sagged
downward, putting some of his weight on her as he said, “Don’t move.‘

The two simply stood in the kitchen doorway; the image of them hugging painted a beautiful picture.

Even Mr. Carter had to admit that the moment was surprisingly breathtaking.

However, Diana was surprised by his actions and thought he was ill. She was about to ask when she
heard him say, “Let me lean on you for a bit. I’m tired.”

Julian felt like he was regaining his strength simply by leaning on her. He was a tall man, but at this
moment, he looked like a tiny doll as he leaned on her.

Diana could feel that Julian had given himself to her completely.

At least for the moment, that is; he was trusting her with his entire being. It was the kind of feeling
where words weren’t needed. Things were understood when two hearts were connected.

This stunned Diana.

If this had been before, when Julian might not have admitted that he had decided to make up with
Diana for the children’s sake, she assumed that the reason was still related to her pregnancy. In fact, it
was possible he suggested not to divorce purely because of the children; this, she believed firmly deep
in her heart.

At this moment, however, she wavered on those thoughts.

She could feel the love raging within him. The feeling was so strong, she couldn’t ignore it at all.

There was also a hint of heartache underneath it.

“Was I too hard on you?” Diana said with a soft sigh, as if lamenting the fact she was stuck with Julian
in this


Julian’s voice was slightly muffled from where he was pressed against her when he replied, “No, you

He just hadn’t expected Kayla to be so difficult to deal with.


“Take your time,” Diana said. “But you need to be clear about the boundaries in place, or I’ll still insist

the divorce.”

“Alright,” Juliam said lazily with a hum, but his arms came up to gently wrap around her waist.

They were interrupted by the sudden sound of a camera clicking.

Diana turned around to find that it was Madam Fulcher standing there with a phone.

“I’m really happy to see you two doing well,” Madam Fulcher said with a kind smile, her eyes sparkling
with delight.

She had initially been uneasy about how the two would be once Diana moved back in and whether
Diana would be bullied, but it seemed like her worries were in vain; the two seemed to be getting along

Perhaps her losing the people she had placed here to keep an eye on in the villa was simply a mere


Madam Fulcher was finally completely relieved, and said, “You two carry on.”

Seeing how embarrassed Diana looked, Madam Fulcher covered her eyes with both hands, though she

couldn’t help the wide smile on her lips. She chuckled, saying, “Oh, I’m just delighted at this! Don’t mind

“Grandma…” Diana also couldn’t help the laughter that burst from her lips. “You’re so cute…!”

Julian’s lips twitched upwards as he watched the antics of the two women before him. It felt like he
could practically touch the happiness he had before him, and all hints of negative emotions
disappeared instantly.

After a few moments, he straightened up and asked, “Why are you here, Grandma?”

“Oh, I obviously came at the wrong time.” The old woman laughed cheerily as she winked at her
grandson.” I’ll be leaving now. You two carry on, hmm?”

“No, don’t go,” Diana said, moving forward to hold Madam Fulcher. “It’s about time for dinner. Stay and
eat with us, Grandma. Julian and I will send you back after that.

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