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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 303

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Chapter 303

Mr. Carter was touched when Noel told him that Kayla had sent her regards to him, even though she
should be worrying over her own injuries. What touched him even more was that she still remembered
the antic teapot he had mentioned in passing.

The small teapot was made from crystal and was transparent. When the old man opened the box, he

moved to tears.

Even Noel, his own son, had never been so attentive to his words.

Moreover, the crystal teapot was worth a lot of money; and yet, Kayla had given it to him so casually.
After receiving the gift, Mr. Carter said nothing but went straight to his room and dialed her number.

“Miss Kayla,” Mr. Carter said emotionally once the call connected. “Thank you for your concern, as well
as for the teapot. I’m grateful you think so much of me.”

Then, a hint of anger seeped into his tone as he continued, “Also, I’ve heard about what happened
between you and Mr. Fulcher…”

Finally! This was what Kayla had been waiting for!

She huffed at the appropriate parts and replied, “Let’s not talk about that, Mr. Carter. My heart feels like
it’s killing me.”

Mr. Carter was silent for a moment. After a while, he asked, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Kayla stayed silent, and Mr. Carter pressed further, “If there’s anything I can do to help, I insist you let
me know, Miss Kayla.”

He always believed that Diana was not a good match for Julian. Now that Julian was giving up Kayla,
Mr. Carter firmly believed it was due to some unavoidable hardship.

There was no way Julian would willingly let such a good girl like Kayla go and instead choose to keep
Diana, a dirty country bumpkin.

That woman had been married into the Fulcher family for three years, but she had never been as
attentive as Kayla was to the servants in the household.

He touched the cold, crystal teapot; through it, he could feel the warmth from Kayla’s concern and was
determined to help her in any way he could.

“…I’m afraid it’d make things difficult for you.”

“I’m sure it won’t,” Mr. Carter replied immediately, happy to hear that he could really be of use. “Tell me
what it is, and I’ll do my best to carry it out.”

“Well, it isn’t anything hard, really,” Kayla’s voice gradually cleared up as if she had stopped crying,
fearing the older man wouldn’t hear her words. “Open the lid on the teapot.”

Mr. Carter froze momentarily. It sounded as though Kayla had been prepared for this, that she had
simply been waiting for him to offer his help. However, he ignored it and did as she instructed.

“There’s a bag inside…and some medicine?”

“Yes,” Kayla said with a nod. “That’s for Diana. You just have to put a bit into her meals every day
without her knowing, and that’s what you can help me with.”

Medicine…? It had no name and was in a white powder form. It was colorless as well as odorless.

Mr. Carter couldn’t tell what it was, and he hesitated as doubt sprang in his heart. “Miss Kayla… What
is this?

“It’s not harmful to people,” Kayla said firmly. “You have to trust me, Mr. Carter. I wouldn’t do anything to

hurt others.”

The ones she wanted to hurt…weren’t human, after all. They were simply two fertilized eggs in Diana’s

Kayla didn’t think they were worthy of being called life at this point, so she fully believed she wasn’t


Mr. Carter continued to stare at the medicine in his hand. Was it truly harmless?

“Then… What is it? Why do you want Miss Diana to have this?” Mr. Carter asked again, the doubt in
his heart growing.

Kayla replied calmly and in a light tone, “Just to teach her a little lesson, so she wouldn’t dare do
anything to Julian again.”

Then she changed her tone and said, “At this point, I’m sure she’s done something to Julian for him to
treat me this way.”

On this, Mr. Carter was in full agreement with Kayla.

Thinking about how good Kayla had been to him and the fact that it really did seem like a harmless
task, Mr. Carter wavered and said, “Are you sure it’ll only make her suffer a little?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Kayla said. Making her voice softer and sounding more pitiful, she added, “Don’t you
believe me, Mr. Carter?”

“No, of course I do.” Mr. Carter shook his head hurriedly. “But when it comes to medicine, I must be

cautious as I’m the butler of this household.“

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