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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 302

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Chapter 302

What right did Julian have to not love and cherish her, Kayla?

It looked like the only straw she could grasp in this situation was the lie that she had saved his life
when they were children.

Kayla took another deep breath and said, “Let’s not talk about the past anymore. When I was a child, I
didn’t know how I had the courage to save you in that cold weather. Your face was so red back then,
and you wouldn’t wake up no matter how much I called for you. I really thought you were going to

After saying that, she quickly waved her hand in front of her face as if trying to chase away the bitter
heartache that accompanied that memory.

“Oh, look at me! I just said not to talk about the past, yet here I am going on about it.”

As soon as she said that, she acted like she couldn’t take it anymore and buried herself underneath the
covers. The wound on her leg ripped open from her action, but she pretended not to notice and cried
sadly. ” Julian… I really love you. I really, really do! I loved you from the moment I saw you…!”

Julian found her sorrowful display highly uncomfortable, but he didn’t approach her to comfort her. He‘
knew that if he gave in this time or did anything that caused Kayla to misunderstand his actions, it
would only hurt both sisters even more deeply.

In the end, he turned and called for Noel. Gesturing at Kayla’s wound, he said, “Call a doctor.”

Then, Julian packed up his things and left for the hospital.

By the time the doctor arrived, Julian had long since been gone from the room; not even his shadow

Noel never imagined that Julian would act so firmly and decisively; the more surprising fact was to
discover that his master had never loved Kayla that way.

He recalled the conversation when Julian had asked him about feelings, and he vaguely wondered if he
had answered wrongly back then. However, he didn’t dare think of it right now for fear of getting
punished with a salary deduction. Instead, he focused on working harder.

“Miss Kayla, please don’t cry. Sir doesn’t love you, and he won’t turn back just because you’re crying.”

Kayla, who had tried to keep Julian with her through her tears, was speechless at Noel’s words.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious!

When Kayla looked at Noel, she suddenly remembered Mr. Carter, and her expression cleared up a
little at that. With that thought in mind, she put away the insults on her tongue and said, “You’re right,
Noel. I’ll simply have to get used to Julian’s absence.”

Then, she continued, “Does Julian know about Diana being pregnant?”

Noel was stunned.

What? The missus was pregnant?!

“I’m sure he doesn’t.”

It was such a big deal, and if Julian knew, he would definitely have told Noel…right?

“That’s a little outrageous to say,” Noel said confidently. “That can’t be the reason why sir broke up you,
so don’t listen to petty rumors.”


Kayla was relieved to see that Noel seemed to be telling the truth. As long as Julian hadn’t left her
because of

pregnancy, that was fine.

Diana’s pregnancy,

That meant Kayla still had a chance.

Besides, she could also plan to get rid of the child Diana was carrying in

was ensuring the problem was eliminated forever!

For this to happen, Kayla needed Mr. Carter’s aid.

rat The next step in this situation

Kayla’s mood lifted when she thought about that, and her attitude toward Noel improved. “I may not be
able to return to the villa for now, and Mr. Carter was good to me while I was there. When you see him,
please send him my regards.”

Noel didn’t expect Kayla to be so kind. He answered without hesitation, “Don’t worry, I’ll do as you

“Thank you,” Kayla said with a nod.

As the doctor continued to treat her wound, Kayla turned pale and eventually turned away so that her
back was facing Noel. She didn’t speak to him again.

In Noel’s point of view, Kayla was hurt by her broken heart and was no longer in the mood to hold a
conversation. He didn’t see the deep resentment and malice in her eyes from where he stood.

Diana… That woman would pay the price for stealing Kayla’s man!

She would also ensure that Julian never found out that Diana had been the one who actually saved him
when they were younger.

Kayla would take that secret to her grave!

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