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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 301

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Chapter 301

As children, Julian and Diana didn’t know each other.

At that moment, Julian’s mind was simply wandering too far off track. However, the one thing he was
certain of now was that Diana was definitely not Kayla’s substitute.

Or rather, Julian had never really seen Diana as a substitute from the very beginning.

He thought he had seen her as one because he used to think the feelings he had for Kayla were love,
and that any woman he fell in love with would never compare to her.

It never occurred to him that he had never loved Kayla in the first place.

Seeing how Julian was lost in his thoughts, Kayla’s tears flowed down her cheeks even faster. Her
voice, with her mangled throat, sounded like nails on a chalkboard as she wailed pitifully, “Julian, if I did
something wrong, why don’t you just tell me? I can’t live without you! You were the only reason I
managed to overcome my illness while I was abroad! You filled my mind. All I could think of was
returning to the country to stand before you when I was fully recovered.”

“But now, you’re telling me that you’re choosing Diana?! I can’t accept this! I don’t want any of the
money, cars, or houses you offered! I just want to be with you!”

Kayla let her tears flow freely. She had never shown Julian such a wretched state before, and he found
himself faltering; especially after she mentioned her time aboard.

Whatever his true feelings for Kayla may be, it was undeniable that Kayla’s feelings for him were

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have endured the pain of stomach cancer alone and gone abroad. His firm
determination gradually softened, and he consoled her, “Don’t cry.”

His tone also warmed a little. “I’ll station Noel here to care for you. You can just let him know if you
want anything, regardless of the timing.”

“You said last night that you’d stay with me,” Kayla reminded him, trying to use her tears to change his
mind. “But you didn’t… Can’t you just spend the day with me?”

Kayla put her clothes back on, dried her tears, and then turned to him before saying slowly, “I swear I’m
not going to say or do anything. I just want to spend the day with you. Just think of it…as a transition

Julian considered it for a while before finally agreeing. “Alright.”

With that said, Julian got Noel to bring his computer over and got to work on the couch in the same
room. Kayla gradually stopped crying, and even had calm conversations with Julian during his breaks.

He apologized sincerely to her, “It’s my fault for not sorting out how I truly felt back then, but I do know
that I have feelings for you. However, it’s more of gratitude for saving me and more of a sibling bond.”

That was why it had been difficult for Julian to go through all these years acting like lovers with Kayla.
He found it hard to do simple things like holding her hand or hugging her. The only two times he had
done it recently was to confirm his feelings for Diana.

Otherwise, he usually wouldn’t initiate any intimate contact with Kayla. Even if she took the initiative, he
would resist as much as possible.

Julian was obviously a man in his prime, so even he couldn’t resist when faced with the woman he

This was evident when he interacted with Diana. Even though she was now pregnant, she was still the
most. attractive woman in his eyes.

However, he held himself back as he didn’t want to hurt Diana or the babies.

“Julian…” Kayla trailed off.

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