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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 300

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Chapter 300

At the same time, Kayla frantically tore her clothes apart with her two hands.

“Julian! I’ve waited for you for so many years! Why do you think I’m not as good as Diana?!”

She was already showing a lot of skin, intending to guilt and hold onto him this way.

However, Julian was unmoved. He picked up a blanket nearby and covered her. “Kayla.”

Even his voice had turned ice–cold.

For a moment, Kayla didn’t dare to move. The stern tone of his voice made her shiver, but she wasn’t
willing to give in so easily.

She had done so much for him. How could he abandon her like this?!

“Stop talking!” Kayla shouted once more. Her voice was hoarse, and she wailed in grief, as if it was
someone else’s fault that she was in the state she was in at this point. “I don’t want to hear it!”

“Kayla,” Julian repeated. “Perhaps you already know that the person I love is Diana.”

Before he met Diana, Julian had thought that what he felt toward Kayla was love; she was a constant
presence by his side that needed his protection and an existence he was used to.

After meeting Diana, he realized love was a tug of war. It was painful but also sweet, and it also had an
indescribable taste. It could make one give up many of one’s principles and make changes without


By the time he realized this, Diana had become an existence that was as essential as the air he

He could no longer imagine a time when he wasn’t with Diana, but he could still envision a life where

didn’t exist.

Life wouldn’t be much different without Kayla.

As to when exactly this change happened, even Julian was unsure.

There was a saying that love was a feeling that started without one’s knowledge, but one could only fall
deeper into it once it became known.

The phrase was probably the best interpretation of Julian’s feelings toward Diana, even if he could
never muster up the courage to say those words directly to her.

Regardless, his heart and mind were clear. It was why his attitude was now firmer than ever.

Kayla’s tears wouldn’t move him, and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt Diana from now onwards.
Besides, he had always maintained a firm stance once he decided and figured something out.

“Kayla,” Julian called out again. “You can continue to work at Esteem Creations. I won’t withdraw any of
the investments, and you’ll still receive preferential treatment while you’re there. You can contact Noel
anytime if you want to further your education in design, or if you need any resources.”

Julian was determined to carry out what he had promised Diana. He would never contact Kayla or
allow Diana to be sad because of Kayla ever again.

Kayla heard the implications in his words, and she was shocked. “You don’t intend to see me again?”

She knew he was coming with bad news today, but she never imagined he would be so heartless!

Julian continued as if he hadn’t heard her, “I can give you whatever you want. Money, a car, a house.”

After all, he owed his life to her.

Kayla had never asked for anything outrageous from him, and his recent words were much more to her
liking than the design job and support he had given her. For an instant, she almost couldn’t help herself
and demanded Fulcher Inc.’s entire stock. After thinking about it quickly, however, she felt that it was
more beneficial to become Mrs. Fulcher. Hence, she held her tongue.

Kayla still wanted to fight and obtain Julian as a whole. That was the only way she would benefit the

“I don’t want anything, Julian,” Kayla said, her face scrunching up into an innocent expression.

At times like this, her expression resembled Diana even more.

A strange feeling bubbled in Julian’s chest, and an absurd thought shaped in his mind.

Could Diana have been the woman he had always loved all these years?

If that wasn’t the case, why did he feel like he was looking at a fake as he stared at Kayla before him?

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