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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 297

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Chapter 297

“You still love me, don’t you?”

This didn’t sound like something Julian would say. Even if he made Diana’s heart ache or hurt her
countless times, she knew she couldn’t bring herself to hate him completely.

But now, hearing these words from his mouth only made her sick.

“Why do you say that?”

“If you didn’t love me, you wouldn’t keep our children.”

The anger in Diana’s eyes burned brighter, and she spat defensively, “I’ll repeat it once again… The
babies are mine. They have nothing to do with you.”

Julian reached out to try to calm her, intending to massage her again to get her to relax. However, she
flinched violently and ducked to the side to avoid his touch.

He was exasperated at her reaction, but said firmly, “It’s our children.”

Sure enough, Julian planned to take her babies from her even before they were born! That was why he
changed the way he treated her so much after finding out she was pregnant. So much so, he even
suggested not getting a divorce!

Diana’s chest heaved rapidly as her anger climbed higher, and her nose felt hot with how fast she was

“Did you say anything to Kayla about not getting a divorce?”

Julian’s face turned cold at the mention of Kayla. “I’ll deal with her.”


What a cruel word to use!

Diana’s next words were filled to the brim with sarcasm. “Deal with her? Are you going to deal with her
as you dealt with me?!”

Julian choked on her words. He hadn’t meant it that way!

He simply meant he would make sure everything worked out properly, and made sure all three of them
had at clear destination and ended at the end of the day.

Julian had only wanted to reply quickly, and hadn’t used the proper words to convey his thoughts well

When Diana saw him go silent, she assumed she had hit the nail on the head. She didn’t hide her
disappointment and said, “I once thought that you loved me. I thought you loved me so much, but later I
realized that I was just a joke and a stand–in. After that, I thought you loved Kayla more than anything
in the world. But looking at it now… It seems your love is nothing more than that. Julian, you don’t love
anyone but yourself! You do whatever you please according to your mood without a care for anyone!”

Julian never imagined that Diana would think of him that way.

He had never experienced love before, either. Over the years, despite being a successful businessfall
III d high position, he never had a proper relationship.

Even when it came to Kayla, he had never bothered to put a proper label on their relationship.

He kept being nice to her, and had gotten used to it. He had also gotten used to being by her side,
used to repay her for being his savior when he was a child.

Until now, after experiencing so much, he finally realized that it wasn’t love.

But now, his one true love was saying he loved no one but himself!

It wasn’t like that!

For the first time in his life, Julian felt a sense of helplessness. He was at a loss for what to do, and he
could only stare at Diana’s dainty face, which was red with anger.

Diana hadn’t spoken up in defense of Kayla. She simply saw the shadow of herself in Julian’s words,
and felt terribly upset. She was in disbelief. The man she had once loved could not possibly be like this!

Hence her anger.

It was why she retorted.

But looking at Julian’s troubled and helpless expression, Diana started to doubt and wondered if she
had said something wrong. She was also a little afraid he might do something to the babies after her

The wariness in her eyes didn’t disappear, and Julian sighed.

“You should get some rest.”

He had been the one to have rushed it too fast.

“But you should consider what I said a little more.”

Julian really did want to live a good life with Diana.

Regarding Kayla, it was more complex than he said. After all, he owed her his life. In the past, although
he was sure it wasn’t love, he did harbor some feelings toward her. Whether it was gratitude or habit,
he definitely didn’t plan on washing his hands off her and throwing her aside.

Perhaps it was because the sincerity in his eyes was too genuine to be faked, or perhaps it was
because Diana had never seen him in such a helpless state before. Even his brows looked awfully

Diana’s heart clenched painfully.

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