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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 299

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Chapter 299

Just thinking about his words made Diana feel warm inside. A family of four was indeed something to

forward to.

There was a sweet feeling in Diana’s heart; it felt like all the bitter hardships of her past had been
washed away by it, and a bright future was awaiting her.

After all, she never imagined she would have the chance to give her two babies a complete family, let
alone that Julian would allow her to give birth at all.

However, Diana had doubts about Julian’s statement that he would no longer associate with Kayla.
Regardless, the only thing she could do now was to move forward.

Being able to give her children a complete family was too attractive of an offer to give up right now.

She believed that Julian would be a hundred times better father than James. Her children wouldn’t
suffer as she did; if she could make it happen, she was willing to forget about all her past grievances
with Julian.

Inwardly, she still held out hope that Julian would be able to do as he said and not make trouble for her
before Kayla ever again.

Once a person gets a taste of sweetness, it was hard to stop as it was addictive.

This was the state Diana was in right now.

Even though many things remained unclear, she couldn’t help but begin imagining how their family of
four would be. The uncertainty about the future she had gradually went quiet and was temporarily

When Kayla set eyes on Julian, she knew that something big would happen.

She had never seen him direct such a cold look at her.

Ever since she was a child and had claimed Diana’s credit for saving Julian, the man had done
everything she wanted. Even if she wanted him to climb a tree to pick a single fruit, he would not
hesitate to roll up his

sleeves and learn how to do it for her.

Everyone envied her back then, and everyone respected her.

They told her, “Kayla, you’ve hit the jackpot in life! Do whatever you can to keep Julian by your side.”

And later, she did, indeed, do just that.

Since she was young, if any woman tried to approach Julian, Kayla would use any means necessary to
chase them off. As time passed, everyone got used to Julian only having Kayla by his side. Similarly,
she got used to

his kindness.

It was why she dared to disappear when Diana suddenly turned up three years ago. When she heard
the news that Julian was like a madman as he searched for her, she spent the night drinking with her

It felt like she had won, and the ruthless man’s heart was firmly in her


She hadn’t been anxious even when she heard that Julian had married Diana. To her, Julain was

hers. It had been many years, and the real savior of Julian’s life would only be temporarily in his life,

as her stand–in.

Kayla wanted Julian to miss her like crazy. She wanted him to be unable to hold himself back when he
next saw her.

However, she miscalculated.

Eventually, Julian really did develop feelings for Diana.

And right now, the look in his eyes told her that perhaps the thing she had feared the most since she
returned to the country was happening.

Julian had made his choice between Kayla and Diana.

His feelings for Diana had reached a point where he could no longer ignore them or deceive himself.

Kayla lowered her head, the fear gradually growing as she stared at the bruises all over her.

She couldn’t stop herself from trembling. Her arms, her legs, and even her throat… Everything was in
this state because of Julian!

Fear turned to anger as Kayla spoke up before Julian could, “I know what you’re trying to do! I won’t let

Tears slid down her eyes as she screamed.

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