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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 294

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Chapter 294

However, Diana knew Kate was trying so hard to persuade her to make way for Kayla. That’s why Kate
wanted Diana to finalize the divorce immediately.

“I’ll become the best fashion designer,” Diana declared, mockery dancing in her eyes. It seemed she no
longer had Kate in sight and treated the latter as insignificant.

Kate was startled at the look in Diana’s eyes. A sense of loss suddenly welled up in her chest.

At this moment, she felt like she was going to lose something forever.

But before she could properly process the feeling, her mouth seemed to work faster than her brain. She
repeated slowly, “The best…fashion designer?”

She burst into mocking laughter, the sound shrill and ugly. “You? Really?”

Diana nodded, unperturbed by Kate’s mocking tone.She no longer cared about the Winningtons, so
their words didn’t hurt her anymore.

“Yes. Me.”

Had it not been for her design talent, she wouldn’t have grown up so safely until now, much less make
way to Richburgh from the countryside.

In the future, Diana would depend on her design skills to support herself and the babies she carried.

She wouldn’t depend on anyone else but herself. She would use her own two hands to continue
creating the life she wanted.

However, Kate didn’t understand because she had long since decided that Diana had become a street
rat after she had gone missing. She was a girl who hadn’t gone through any proper lessons while
growing up, nor had she received an education in a prestigious university. How could Diana utter such
bold claims?

The best fashion designer? Hah!

“Kayla also loves to design clothes,” Kate said proudly. “If you have a chance, you could ask her for
advice. When you’ve seen more of the world, you’ll understand that some things can’t be done, even if
you wish for


Kate was talking about the plagiarism and thievery incident.

Diana didn’t care to discuss it with her.

“Sure,” Diana replied, not contradicting Kate. She just wanted to leave this place because talking to
them was exhausting. She didn’t want to tire herself out more than she needed to.

Seeing that her attitude had taken a turn for the better, Kate’s expression eased a little. “Being young
and wild is not necessarily a bad thing, but after divorcing Julian and marrying into the Pabian family-”

“How about this?” Diana cut Kate off impatiently while pulling out her phone. She searched for Julian’s
number and said, “How about I call Julian now and ask him about the divorce and my subsequent
marriage? You can ask him all about it. After all, I’m not in the position of power to decide anything.”

This was a good clap back.

Kate almost fainted on the spot, but ultimately, she didn’t dare let Diana dial the number.

James was also the same.

“Forget it,” he said with a sigh. “We’ll talk about your marriage later on. If you’re tired, you can go ahead
and leave. We won’t keep you for dinner.”

They hadn’t been able to do what Kayla had asked of them, and they were no longer in the mood to
deal with Diana. This was exactly what Diana wanted, so she quickly nodded and left without a glance

Immediately after Diana left, James hesitantly called Kayla. He needed to tell her what happened, as
well as

the outcome. Also…

He had been a little bothered by Diana’s words.

“Is it Julian who doesn’t want to divorce, or is Diana the one reluctant to do so?”

There was a fundamental difference between the two situations.

Kayla was thrown for a loop at James’s words, and she started to panic. She hadn’t expected Diana to
turn down the marriage proposal since it was such a good offer, so it was clear that Diana wanted to
steal Julian.

from her.

Especially since… Diana was pregnant with Julian’s child. Forget about Julian’s attitude toward her; if
Madam Fulcher were to discover this, the old woman would definitely step in and be even more firmly
against the divorce!

When Kayla thought about this, she had a hard time catching her breath.

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