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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 298

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Chapter 298

Vines had wrapped around Diana’s heart and squeezed it so tightly that she could barely breathe. By
some miracle, she called out to Julian before he stepped out of her room, “Did…you mean what you
said? Truly?”

Julian’s heart skipped a beat, and the depressing air around him evaporated as he turned around in
surprise; his deep, dark eyes meeting Diana’s clear, bright ones.

For a moment, it was hard to tell whose heart was beating faster at the tension of the situation.

“It’s true. I really don’t want to divorce you. I want to be together with you.”

He had clearly abandoned her once and had pushed her away without hesitation. And yet, after
hearing those words from him… Diana still felt a tiny spark of hope in her chest. It was impossible to
say the harsh words she used to when facing him now, but it was also impossible to forget and pretend
that the hurtful things had not happened between them. Her mind was in a mess, and so she muttered,
“I’ll think about it.”

Julian said nothing and left the room, closing the door gently behind him. However, as he walked away,
Diana could hear that his footsteps were lighter than usual.

Somehow, Diana’s heart also became a little lighter along with it.

If they didn’t get a divorce….

That would be great.

She could continue to be with him, and the babies would have a healthy, happy family.

Seeing how Julian acted, he would surely treat the babies well, right?


Why exactly did he suddenly have a change of heart?

Was it possible that James was right, and that Julian was planning something and wanted to have
more than. one woman in his life?

Even though Diana knew it was unlikely, she couldn’t help but ponder about it.

If not, what did Julian want?

Was it the children?

But was there a need to have a loveless marriage that was only tied together because of the children?

Or did he want everything? The children, and both her and Kayla?

The more Diana thought about it, the more outrageous thoughts entered her mind. She lay down on the
bed and burrowed deeply under the covers, as if this was the only way to quiet the thoughts running
rampant in

her mind at this moment.

When she closed her eyes, the only image that came to mind was an unbelievable one of her, Julian,


Finally, Diana couldn’t take it anymore and decided it was better to simply talk to Julian. She grabbed
her phone, pulled up her app, and texted Julian, “Come back up for a second.”

Julian appeared quickly after her message, and Diana got straight to the point, “You didn’t want to
divorce because of the babies, right?”

Julian was stunned. The joy of being called back by Diana gradually vanished, replaced by confusion.

He even looked like he was questioning Diana’s intelligence, and Diana could tell he had not thought
about that. She understood immediately and breathed a sigh of relief. Then, the small spark of hope
slowly brightened and filled her with joy and satisfaction.

Julian didn’t want to divorce her, not because she was pregnant.

He simply didn’t want to.

This revelation gave her the courage to continue asking further. “What about Kayla? What exactly are
you going to do with her?”

Once it was confirmed that there would be no divorce, Diana couldn’t allow Kayla to live with them in
the villa, as had been done previously. It was even more impossible for Julian to allow himself to act
like a fool by letting Kayla cling to him.

Diana needed a definite answer and a solid promise.

Julian saw Diana’s grave expression. Delight slowly seeped back into his eyes. “Are you agreeing to
my proposal? That we won’t get a divorce?”

Diana shook her head. “First, tell me what you intend to do with Kayla.”

A threesome was wholly, completely out of the question.

Having a mistress was even less likely.

Julian could already guess what was on her mind, and he couldn’t help but smile at the bright look in
her eyes. He raised his hand and dropped it on her head, caressing her fondly. “Don’t worry. Those
scenarios you’re worried will happen won’t ever happen. As for Kayla, I’ll make the appropriate
arrangements for her. I won’t hurt her, but I won’t associate with her anymore, much less let her affect
our marriage.”


That was a nice word.

Especially because when he said our; it included the two little ones in Diana’s belly.

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