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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 295

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Chapter 295

In the face of James’s question, Kayla could only give a fake smile and reply, “There’s no such thing!
Have you forgotten the main reason Julian married Diana in the first place?”

Of course it was because of Kayla! James knew that.

The Fulchers had their eyes on Kayla since she was a child. They had shown favor and kindness
toward her, and James had been elated about it.

When Kayla went missing abroad later on, he saw how frantic Julian became while he searched for

“Of course not,” James said with a wide smile, the suspicion in his words gradually fading. “I suppose
Diana pestered Julian and refused to let go. She was definitely lying to me just now. She really is an
unruly child who grew up outside our family. She’s so uneducated!”

Kayla pouted. “Daddy, don’t talk about my sister like that!”

“Ah! You’re such a kind–hearted child, Kayla.” James chuckled, a fond look on his face. Kate leaned
closer to him, trying to hear Kayla’s voice through the phone.

The Winnington couple looked like completely different people now compared to when they were

with Diana.

“Okay, enough of that. How are you feeling?” Kate said after she had snatched the phone out of
James’s hand.

Kayla, however, wasn’t in the mood for small talk. She couldn’t wait to talk to Lucy, her true mother.
She wanted to properly discuss with Lucy how to deal with Diana’s baby.

If Kayla let things go on as they were, the unease in her heart would only continue to grow.

Diana sneezed a couple of times on her way home. Thinking it was the cold weather, she quickly put
on her coat when she arrived home. Unexpectedly, Julian was there.

After yesterday’s discussion, Diana felt a little awkward if she ignored him, so she cleared her throat.
“You’re not busy today, I see.”

“Yeah,” Julian replied, looking at her. “There’s nothing much going on at work.”

Having said that, he patted the empty spot beside him on the couch. “Come sit with me for a while?”

Diana didn’t want to go over.

As peaceful as their situation was now, and as committed as Julian was not to hurt their children, they
weren’t in a close enough relationship to sit together like this for a chat.

“No need for that,” Diana said, waving her hand. She had just come downstairs after getting her coat,
she was prepared to return upstairs again. “I’ll just head back to my room to rest.‘

However, it didn’t work because Julian got up and followed her to her room.


At first, Diana thought Julian was simply taking a walk, but he followed her into her room. She was

“Why are you here?”

“I saw that you’re a little tired,” Julian stated, but he didn’t look like he intended to leave.

Diana had wanted to lie down on the bed to rest for a while, but with Julian standing in her room, it
didn’t feel right, so she sat on the couch instead.

“What can you do for me if I’m tired?”

Her eyes were still the same, looking like ripples in water. Even though she was pregnant, her neck

slender as usual.

Julian recalled how soft it felt under his hands, and his finger twitched with the urge to touch her. He
tried to reign in the desire, but before he knew it, his hands were already on the back of her neck.

His fingers were slightly cold, and her neck was warm.

When the contrasting temperature met, it brought goosebumps to her body, and Diana jerked harshly.
Her hand came up almost instantly to knock his hand away as she shouted, “Julian!”

The way he acted made her feel like she was being disrespected.

However, it didn’t seem like Julian intended to stop there. The touch had only intensified his desire to
do it again, and he placed his hand back on her neck. Unlike previously, he started massaging the

“Don’t move. I’ll help you relax.”

Diana was lucky not to have any obvious symptoms of morning sickness, but that didn’t mean her
pregnancy wasn’t difficult. Julian had read up on what a pregnant woman went through during her
pregnancy, and understood that a woman carrying twins had twice the risk and strain.

Afraid that Diana would reject his actions again, he added, “The babies will grow better in your belly if
you’re relaxed and comfortable. I’m the father of the babies, so I should do my part.”

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